It’s been quiet here for so long… When I look back at the posts, the fact that just the first page covers as much as 7 years is truly… humbling.

I was thinking about writing a post about the events of the past 7 years, but seriously who really wants to read about that? :) Better to look ahead.

I’ve just built a new gaming rig for the family, my first PC build in over 8 years. This woke again in me the desire to code more, and I’ve been dipping my toes back in .net over the past month or so. With that, I’ve decided to get serious (within hobby limits) about building out a tool to help S monitor her sickness and flares. Who knows, maybe it will turn into something I can release to a wider audience in the future…

For now, that’s it.

I’ve been trying all the tricks (and old passwords I can think of) to gain access to my original gmail account, but nothing seems to work. If you know of any method (even if there’s a cost) please share. Would love to recover some old memories and files…

I have no access to the recovery email.

Not very frequently, but that’s because I’m blogging and ranting on a bunch of other sites these days. Anyways, just wanted to let you (who?) all know that I’m still around. Who knows, maybe someday soon I’ll revive this place :).


Posted on: March 12, 2012

Guess I got so busy getting things done that I forgot about this place…

I had heard of GTD (Getting Things Done) before, from meandering the web and sometimes from friends who would mention it in discussions on productivity and task organizing strategies. However, with my current job as a global product manager/coordinator, I realized a while back that I seriously needed to revise the way I organize and plan all the hundreds of tasks that I need to complete, track or delegate on a typical week.

I have tried all kinds of tricks and solutions, and for a long time I thought there would be some computer software that could help me or at least serve as external memory for notes and task lists. However, no matter what I tried I always, without fail, ended up with another text file filled with pointless stressed out half baked notes and tasks the meaning of which I could never guess form just reading their title.

‘Set meeting with Suzuki’

About what? When? To what goal??

Anyways, after starting to study GTD it all came to me so clearly. No software will ever be able to organize you unless you first organize your head and learn or develop a great offline methodology that your head can wrap it self around. Then, once you have that first step figured out, you can map that onto a piece of software that can speed up the process of implementing that methodology. (Sounds really simple, but to me that was a revelation…)

For me, that combination of methodology has turned out to be (at least until further notice ;) :

GTD (Getting things done), implemented in
Things for mac (and my iPad and iPhone)

I’m not going to try to get you sold on how nice Things is, find out for your self at the link below:


and get the Book:

On amazon

How do you organize your tasks and work items?


Posted on: August 26, 2010

Guess what? By accident I happened to stumble upon the following PDF of a presentation from Transportekonomisk Institutt (literally Institute of Transport Ekonomics).  From what I gather they manage the Norwegian governments long term transport and infrastructure planning.

Anyways, guess who’s credited at page 2? :-D


And my master thesis none the less! Never thought I’d have a hand in the Norwegian national infra policy making :))

Getting the following error when you deploy your first asp.net 4.0 website:

Unrecognized attribute ‘targetFramework’. Note that attribute names are case-sensitive.

is most likely because of either of 2 reasons:

1. You installed the .net 4.0 bits after IIS was set up, resulting in the wrong version of the .NET framework beeing registered with IIS.

Most often the above results in conflicting versions of the framework, and so the easiest way of solving this is to re-register the .NET extensions with IIS using the aspnet_regiss tool. Make sure you run it from an elevated command prompt and that you use the correct version (in the v4.xx folder that is, not the v2.xx one). On my dev machine this tool is located in:


and you run it with the -iru flags like so:

aspnet_regiis.exe -iru

2. You haven’t set the framework of the IIS application to the correct version of .NET (4.0 that is)

Change this using either the IIS Manager or the command line. In IIS Manager you select ‘Application Pools’, click the Application you’ve pointed you site to use, select ‘Basic Settings’ in the ‘Actions’ pane and change the ‘.NET framework version’.

This post over at MSDN should also be of great help. Gotta love Microsoft’s documentation!



This blog has no clear focus. It has a focus though, it's just not very clear at the moment...

meanwhile, in the bat-cave:

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