Wireless network scanner

Posted on: August 23, 2006

In relation to the above post, I’ve decided to write my own little wireless network scanner, for my own pleasure only. I know there are dozens of tools out there that works just fine, but I just want to see if maybe I can write one on my own. I then plan to use this little tool to map which stations on the subway lines I usually ride in Tokyo, that have open wireless networks available from within the station.

Thus, some special features will be required such as to be able to save AP profiles to a particular station name, and then using the application to easily switch to a certain profile once you arrive at a station.

Also, if people would download and use the application to map other train lines, maybe we can build a database of all the stations in Tokyo where you can connect… (or you could just do a quick scan yourself once to get to a station, it wouldn’t take you more than 3 minutes anyway to locate an AP if there is one.) But the point is that it is fun! And that I for one would like to know from how many and which stations you can get a connection, without having to go there to look for myself….

Maybe this should be a webpage and not an application?


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