Domain names and memory…

Posted on: September 12, 2006

I for one find it increasingly difficult to remember all the interesting URL’s that I stumble upon when meandering the web. I am also very bad at actually making use of bookmarks, as I often find that the name of a bookmark fails to give an adequate description of where it points. Instead, I am more and more depending on Google to find me the page I was looking for, by doing a search on the same keywords that made the site stick in my memory in the first place…

Also, with the rapidly decreasing supply of available domain names, a lot of smaller companies or start-ups find it difficult to register a logical domain that reflects the name of their business. Given these two “facts”, the only logical thing to do if course is to register a name that is loosely related to your company, and then inform your audience on what search terms they should use to locate you on Google.

I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but here in Tokyo it has become increasingly common to see advertisements on trains and billboards that simply feature a text-box with a keyword and a button next to it that says “Search”. Some of my favorites include the words “1600yen” and “Eat Fish Now”. I also learnt recently that the car maker Pontiac had done a similar marketing stunt by simply using a screen-shot of Google with their latest car model name in the search box. (Google apparently received no royalty in this case.)

I guess the point is that who needs a dns or even a domain name, when we can just use google, or in other words, is google the new “dns”?


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