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It would seem that removing all effects that need to access the GPU at least solves the problem temporarily. I believe the effects are in the Plugins folder… worth a try. :)

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Today I did a terrible terrible thing… I had to install Premiere for some editing work, and I decided to give it a go on my Vista machine. (RC1 5600) Baaaaad Idea! The installation ran fine but after a reboot the Vista just wouldnt load properly. Stack trace from the dump revealed nothing useful, but the solution was not so tricky. Not sure if this is going to work for everyone, not even sure if Premiere (Pro 1.5) has known compatibility issues with Vista. (Yes I should have checked before installing…)

Anyways, I figured the problem was probably in the shared DLLs that Premiere was trying to load up through the registry, so did a safe boot, launched regedit and deleted all the keys related to Premiere in the Shared Dlls folder. Voiala, the machine boots fine again.

Also interesting to note is that you cant uninstall Premiere Pro 1.5 through the applications uninstall scripts, since vista is not a supported operating system. (Would have been nice to see an indication of that before I acutally installed the software ;)



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