Adobe Premiere and Vista

Posted on: October 4, 2006

It would seem that removing all effects that need to access the GPU at least solves the problem temporarily. I believe the effects are in the Plugins folder… worth a try. :)

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Today I did a terrible terrible thing… I had to install Premiere for some editing work, and I decided to give it a go on my Vista machine. (RC1 5600) Baaaaad Idea! The installation ran fine but after a reboot the Vista just wouldnt load properly. Stack trace from the dump revealed nothing useful, but the solution was not so tricky. Not sure if this is going to work for everyone, not even sure if Premiere (Pro 1.5) has known compatibility issues with Vista. (Yes I should have checked before installing…)

Anyways, I figured the problem was probably in the shared DLLs that Premiere was trying to load up through the registry, so did a safe boot, launched regedit and deleted all the keys related to Premiere in the Shared Dlls folder. Voiala, the machine boots fine again.

Also interesting to note is that you cant uninstall Premiere Pro 1.5 through the applications uninstall scripts, since vista is not a supported operating system. (Would have been nice to see an indication of that before I acutally installed the software ;)


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I am sorry….

So after all did you delete the “Premiere” form your Vista?

Cause I got the some problem too….

Hi Jenny.
Yes I did actually, but back when I posted this Vista was still in a Beta state and even if I could remember how I squeezed it off the system, the methods are probably not valid anymore. Actually I haven’t tried to install it ever since, but judging by the amount of traffic this post has, it would seem this is still a rather problematic scenario…

Good luck! (If you want to you could post your ‘solution’ as a comment here, I think a lot of people would be grateful to you :)

same fukkn prob

So I guess the problem remains then… Does no one have a solution to this situation? I haven’t used Premiere since I wrote this post (about a year ago) so wouldn’t know where to point you, but surely someone must know a way to resolve this issue?

Same problem here, can’t uninstall. Adobe has a guide to manually remove most of the items related to Premiere Pro 2 (http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=333424&sliceId=1), I followed it and I was able to reinstall it, however, it didn’t not solve my particular problem. Pro 2 was working fine and one day, it decided to stop outputting sound to my laptop speakers, however, would still output to my usb headphones when I select the option in the menus. Has anyone else ran into this problem?

same deal here as you guys have with 1.5,i’m not tech minded at all so i have left it as it is in my laptop cause adobe arn’t really that interested so the end result for me is i purchased sony vegas pro for half the price of cs3 and have had no problems. i wonder how much this has cost adobe in sales cause all the forums talk about this problem and all adobe have to do is post a solution it is that simple. too late for me though.

Has anyone solved this problem? I just got off the phone with the most helpless people in Tech Support (case # 173022735)

I upgraded to CS3 and can not uninstall Pro 1.5. Apparently they will no longer help us with this since they only support CS3 and 2.0.

When I asked to speak to a superviser I was told “no”, AKA “you are screwed HAHAHA”. “Go to Google, you are on your own…loser.” (I added loser because I am sure that is what he was thinking)

If anyone has a contructive answer please email me. Thanks



Same issue. No apparent solutions anywhere. The only document on Adobe’s site is about manually uninstalling 2.0, and isn’t exactly a match for 1.5 on Vista. Arrgh.

Do like everybody else, downgrade to XP :/

its interesting though that Adobe is so reluctant to provide a solution to the problem. Or is it rather that they wont admit that the problem exists in the first place?

help me to uninstall adobe premiere 1.5 from my vista!
please email me erw85stw@gmail.com thx for help=)

Instructions from God how to install adobe on windows vista.

I was having trouble installing adobe on windows vista and after reading and trying endless instructions nothing worked…

Then it hit me….

Jesus said: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” —Matthew 7:7–8

I prayed to the Lord to forgive my sins and to give me wisdom and He answered my prayer.
Glory to the Lord for being so loving, forgiving and giving us what we seek even when we dont deserve it.

I hope that the following instructions will help you with your work as God helped me.

Step 00. Backup your important files and documents because the installation of vista will delete all

Step 01. Install Dell Media Direct CD wich will create a partition for media files ( I have Dell Pc)

Step 02. Install windows vista choosing to create fresh installation. when prompted delete the previows windows partition then create a new one and do not forget: chose the option to format it.

Step 03. Install all necessary drivers, anti-virus, firewall and update your windows.

Step 04. Turn Off UAC ( user account control ) by going on control panel – click user accounts –

Step 05. Restart your PC on safe mode by pressin F8 when it is starting up.

Step 06. Insert your adobe CD and copy all the files in your favorite folder on your Pc

Step 07. Restart your PC normally – open the folder where you saved adobe – right click on setup.exe and chose option “run as administrator”. You will now be able to use adobe on vista

Praise the Lord for guiding us when it seems impossible. We struggle because we dont ask and when we ask we doubt. Believe and you will receive the blessings of God. We try to solve things ourselves and we dont ask The Almighty that created everything that has ever been created. God knows it all and He is willing to give us wisdom without finding fault. We just have to come near him by prayer and with repentful heart and He hears us and helps us no matter what.

If you need more info contact me at: mynotebook@hotmail.co.uk

God Bless

Note sure about the divine aspects of the above post, but since it might be helpful to some of you guys looking for solutions to the problem, I’m gonna leave it as it is. Let me just say for the record, I take no responsibility for any possible effects of following the above advice, and that extends to the afterlife as well…

Selam.. ben kurgu programı kullanmak ıstıyorum ama sanırım vıstalarda kurgu programı kullanmak inanılmaz zormus.. ve kurgu programını ındırdıkten sonra da ayrıyetten bır program ındırılmesı gerekıyormus.. bana bu konuda yardım edebılırmısin sımdı den teşekkur edıyorum…

I have the Adobe Video Collection which includes Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5. I tried to load it on my new Vista computer. Had the same problem everyone else had (above).

I called Adobe and got a great tech. He said he wasn’t supposed to provide support on such an old version but I’m a nice guy so he did anyway.

First, Take out any 3rd party plug-ins or projects.

Goto Microsoft and download “Windows Installer Cleanup Utility Package”. You need this intalled to get the fix to work. It’s free and quick to install.

Goto Adobe and search and download the “WinCS3clean” Script Utility. I told the guy i didn’t have CS3 but he said it will still work and it did.

Run the script. This puts you into the black screen script page. Type “e” for English, “y” for yes and “n” for no, etc. When it prompts you for level enter “4”. OK….this takes a long time. You will be sitting there staring at a blinking cursor thinking that nothing is happening for 15 minutes or so. Eventually the page will explode with tons of text and you will see that it is deleting all your Adobe programs. Actually, with me I got this Windows error pop-up just before the explosion of text. It was a registry Control Tool error. As soon as I cleared cleared it off I got the explosion of text and i was free of the Adobe software. You have to run the level 4 twice (according to the tech guy) then reboot your computer.

I hope this helps. Somebody with real computer skills should check this out to make sure I gave the instructions correctly.

Gregory! Thanks for your tips! I’m sure a lot of people will find them helpful!

I ran into the problem of Premiere Pro 1.5 hanging on startup when I tried to run it from a cloned backup of my XP Pro system disk drive. Running the Adobe uninstall also removed some driver files for the DVD drives rendering DVD drives useless. Good thing it was on my cloned system. Any reinstallation attempts I tried also did not work. Following Gregory’s procedure for the uninstall removed enough items that I could do a successful re-install. Note that “4” was not a listed option, but it did work.



upgrade your PC to Window XP, and STOP chasing new version of the Adobe. I’m perfectly happy with Premier Pro 1.5.

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