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Lately I have come to thinking that probably a lot of my old friends around the world maintain blogs of some sort, and it would be a lot of fun to see what everybody is up to. I for one promote IRC over almost any other form of binary communications, but let’s face it, a lot of people have never heard of IRC and probably never will…

So I thought I’d start looking for some people on google to see if I could find anyone out there, and sure enough I did turn up a few old names and collegues (if you are one of them there should be a comment on your blog). However there are still lots of people that I haven’t managed to track down. If you are one of them, and you’ve found your way to this blog, please leave a comment or something so that I can get hold of you :)

Granted my google-skillz might be a little rusty, but I am sure most of you are out there somewhere…


w00t. I just got back from a shopping round in Akihabara, where I picked up a brand new T60P along with some nice peripherals.. Actually this post is written on it. I have to say I was a little bit nervous buying such an expensive latptop from a company that I know nothing about. Sure the IBM Thinkpads were amongst the greatest laptops I ever used, I fondly remember my first… But since the production line was taken over by Lenovo I haven’t had a chance to test the newer versions.

The one I bought today comes with Windows Vista pre-installed, and being an IBM (sort of) the version is of course Business. I have been running vista for almost 18 months now, but this is my first time to try the final version, and I have to say I am happy that everything seems to work. The RTM’s and Beta’s were shaky at best, especially the X64 versions, but this one seems to run just fine. (After 1 hour of usage, and yes, considering previous experiences that does qualify for this verdict.)

Either way, I am also happy to report that the keyboard still retained that old IBM feeling of sturdiness that makes Thinkpads a bliss for coding.. To me (hold on, some blasphemy coming up) the Thinkpad line has always been like having a laptop with a built in Happy Hacking… You either love that or you hate it :)

Oh, and YES it feels good not being a Mac!!

About this…

I live in Tokyo, as most of you know, which is an incredibly densely populated city. Everyday when I take the train to work there are approximately 60 people just in my train-wagon. (Yes it hurts sometime…) If you go on one of the morning commuting trains you will soon notice that most of the people sitting down are using laptop computers to catch up on work. Now, I can not help but picture this as a scene from ghost in shell:

A hacker takes over the intercom speekers throughout the train. Speaking in a low and doomsday like voice (which is tuned to be easily picked up by laptop mics) he start issuing commands through the unsuspecting vista user’s laptops, creating a zombie-army to launch an attack at [insert random govt agency here]. Meanwhile, throughout Tokyo the same thing happens at shopping-malls, train-stations, airports and through the public speaker system. heck, lets call him the puppet-master :)



Posted on: February 6, 2007

Today I took a short break from work to sneak off with S and visit a friends pottery exhibition. Actually it is an old friend of S who has been close to the both of us ever since me and S started dating about 2 years ago.

When I first arrived in Tokyo, one of the first places S took me to was to visit an art exhibition in Ginza. I didn’t know what to expect, but since exhibitions are always fun I was looking forward to it. Some of those who read the (very few) Tokyo Bubbles news letters that I once sent out might remember this episode.

At that time S and I where only friends, and I had high dreams of digging deeper into my photographic interest and perhaps do some photo jobs in Japan. The potterer, Shinohara san, claims that already when we first came to visit his exhibition in January 2005, he could spot the feelings we had for each other, and that he is one of the key figures in bringing us together. I don’t know about that but the fact remains that he has become a close friend and that we have met together the 3 of us many times since.

The funny thing about meeting him though, (and this goes for mentioning him while he is not around as well), is that when we start to talk I always get the feeling that I want to start taking pictures again. I guess it’s the little wannabe artist inside me that pops up to the surface. Lately, for about a year and a half, I have been more then 100% focused on programming and application development, and I guess I kind of forgot these thoughts a little.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love being a programming geek, it is one of my childhood dreams that I am finally able to pursue while at the same time making money off of it. I guess it just feels good to sometimes be reminded that there are other little dreams lying around for further exploration some other time…


Posted on: February 1, 2007

Is the size of the new screen I received today at work. Now as far as I am concerned, when it comes to monitors the bigger the better, but that is not only to show off and make my co workers envious, it actually does have an impact on the way I work.

Up untill this point I have always considered all applications to belong in fullscreen, or maximized mode if you are a windows user. I have never really understood the point of running things in windowed mode since any monitor below 22″ just doesn’t have the screen real-estate to allow that kind of stunts.

(The only exception to this is using xterm, since terminals actually dont need that much space to make them selves usefull.)

However, that changed today when my entire horizon (that is the tiny horizon I have in my little cubicle at work, not that other fancy one with birds, oceans and imagination) was filled completely by the glorious light of my new 24″ screen. Suddenly I switched for the first time from tabbed documents to multiple windows in Visual Studio (Gasp!), ran a webbrowser next to my email program, and moved the reading pane of Outlook to the Side, instead of the Bottom (Gasp again!)

My tip: Get bigger monitors, everyone!!!


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