Posted on: February 1, 2007

Is the size of the new screen I received today at work. Now as far as I am concerned, when it comes to monitors the bigger the better, but that is not only to show off and make my co workers envious, it actually does have an impact on the way I work.

Up untill this point I have always considered all applications to belong in fullscreen, or maximized mode if you are a windows user. I have never really understood the point of running things in windowed mode since any monitor below 22″ just doesn’t have the screen real-estate to allow that kind of stunts.

(The only exception to this is using xterm, since terminals actually dont need that much space to make them selves usefull.)

However, that changed today when my entire horizon (that is the tiny horizon I have in my little cubicle at work, not that other fancy one with birds, oceans and imagination) was filled completely by the glorious light of my new 24″ screen. Suddenly I switched for the first time from tabbed documents to multiple windows in Visual Studio (Gasp!), ran a webbrowser next to my email program, and moved the reading pane of Outlook to the Side, instead of the Bottom (Gasp again!)

My tip: Get bigger monitors, everyone!!!


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