Posted on: February 6, 2007

Today I took a short break from work to sneak off with S and visit a friends pottery exhibition. Actually it is an old friend of S who has been close to the both of us ever since me and S started dating about 2 years ago.

When I first arrived in Tokyo, one of the first places S took me to was to visit an art exhibition in Ginza. I didn’t know what to expect, but since exhibitions are always fun I was looking forward to it. Some of those who read the (very few) Tokyo Bubbles news letters that I once sent out might remember this episode.

At that time S and I where only friends, and I had high dreams of digging deeper into my photographic interest and perhaps do some photo jobs in Japan. The potterer, Shinohara san, claims that already when we first came to visit his exhibition in January 2005, he could spot the feelings we had for each other, and that he is one of the key figures in bringing us together. I don’t know about that but the fact remains that he has become a close friend and that we have met together the 3 of us many times since.

The funny thing about meeting him though, (and this goes for mentioning him while he is not around as well), is that when we start to talk I always get the feeling that I want to start taking pictures again. I guess it’s the little wannabe artist inside me that pops up to the surface. Lately, for about a year and a half, I have been more then 100% focused on programming and application development, and I guess I kind of forgot these thoughts a little.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love being a programming geek, it is one of my childhood dreams that I am finally able to pursue while at the same time making money off of it. I guess it just feels good to sometimes be reminded that there are other little dreams lying around for further exploration some other time…


4 Responses to "paths"

I miss some pictures in your blog. I would love to see some of the pottery.

Swedish: Du kommer alltid var HK, en konstnär innerst inne. Hinner du inte med lite foto vid sidan om jobb och S?

me to I’d love to upload some but since I have no hostin at the moment (this is a free online version of WordPress) I cant really upload them and control the layout very well…

hahaha hmm tja, men de ar sablans mycket pa jobbet nu, och i det har landet jobbar man vanigtvis 9-21 sa det ar knepigt att hinna med mycket annat… helgerna vill man ju liksom vara tillsammans och mysa :)

So, the question that comes to my mind is, when _IS_ the next Tokyo bubbles coming out? Still waiting for it. :)

And by the way, as I don’t see you on IRC that much these days. I walked past a little resturant yesterday and saw some hiragana on the windows that said すし and I read for my self slowly “su” “shi” and was stunned when I realized I actually understood it!

Well that is not a very big progress hiragana-wise, but I guess it means that I’m not completely hopeless!

I also got a raise yesterday, so perhaps 東京 isn’t that far away this year anyway! Have a great day and please say hello to your dear wife from me! :D

hahaha well well.. hmmm the problem is that the old mailing list probably isn’t very accurate anymore, if it even exists :)) But hey, you never know!!

Congrats on the raise, I am of course insanely jealous hahaha, you sure there’s no need for an off-shore consultant over there? ;)

About IRC, yes I know, but there has been sooo much going on lately her at work that I have been forced to work ’till 2-3 in the morning every day.. hopefully it will pay off though.

Oh and hey! again! I am so impressed that you are studying Japanese! I really think it’s great, not only because we’ll have a blast the next time you get here (which should happen soon I think yes yes…) but also because it is a fun language to study any way!


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