all drones here me whisper

Posted on: February 9, 2007

About this…

I live in Tokyo, as most of you know, which is an incredibly densely populated city. Everyday when I take the train to work there are approximately 60 people just in my train-wagon. (Yes it hurts sometime…) If you go on one of the morning commuting trains you will soon notice that most of the people sitting down are using laptop computers to catch up on work. Now, I can not help but picture this as a scene from ghost in shell:

A hacker takes over the intercom speekers throughout the train. Speaking in a low and doomsday like voice (which is tuned to be easily picked up by laptop mics) he start issuing commands through the unsuspecting vista user’s laptops, creating a zombie-army to launch an attack at [insert random govt agency here]. Meanwhile, throughout Tokyo the same thing happens at shopping-malls, train-stations, airports and through the public speaker system. heck, lets call him the puppet-master :)



7 Responses to "all drones here me whisper"

Found’ya! I was wondering what happened to your blogging. I glad to see you going at it again. I’ve been trying to get back on the blogging wagon for a while now but without any real success. Let’s see if a little Tokyo blogging can’t sprinkle some inspiration on me. Anyway, it’s good read about your life in Tokyo again. Keep those updates coming! (and I’ll venture to do the same)

I wasn’t really hiding, but I had to change the url since slave found and killed budo… This will do fine for the time being. I’d really love to see some updates on your site! I really enjoyed reading about life in Bolivia, often it was really interesting to compare it to life in Tokyo/Japan… Get that ol’bloggin feeling going again!!

Funny, for some reason I went looking for your blog today, and found this report. Funny because I finally saw GitS – Innoncence this weekend. Got real nostalgia feelings from that scene that we saw that seminar about at Siggraph, remember? The one with the carnival?

Other than that, it’s a very intense film, packed with philosophy high and low. Watching it subbed takes a LOT of concentration. I had expected more though, especially after SAC. Didn’t find it all that awesome. Well, I guess I’ll just have to wait for the new Bladerunner release due to come out this year – finally HD-scanned and finally the editing has been given some time, instead of the crappy VHS-quality versions with half-assed editing that have previosuly been available on DVD.

Take good care in replica-land. Miss you!

True the GitSI is a very very “thick” film, and just as you say sometimes I too get the feeling that there are so many threads the movie wants to talk about that the story gets a little whimsical from time to time.. still, after seeing SACS, the interaction between Motoko and Batou is in its simplicity pure pleasure..

I too look forward to the next release of Blade Runner… No movie will ever bring back as much nostalgia as that one.. Remember when I was a kid (11-12??) I used to watch it almost every night until I could repeat every single line (both versions :)… I don’t know, from the top of my head I guess what makes both GitS and BL to attractive to me is that they both ask the same fundamental questions about the characteristics of “life” and what makes a living organism..

Anyways, miss you too.. get your ass to Tokyo :))))

Just have to add this quote from Motoko:

We weep for a bird’s cry, but not for a fish’s blood. Blessed are those with a voice. If the dolls also had voices, they would have screamed, “I didn’t want to become human.”

and I think this one is Batou

If the substance of life is information, transmitted through genes, then society and culture are essentially immense information transmission systems, and the city, a huge external memory storage device.

The girl they find alive in the tanks, who’s been used to make dolls, says:

“I don’t want to become a doll”

And I believe it is the major that responds:

“Nobody asked the dolls if they wanted to become human”.


:) I suddenly really got the cravings for watching the series again. I beleive you can pick it up quite cheap in Akihabara now…

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