Lenovo (IBM) T60P

Posted on: February 23, 2007

w00t. I just got back from a shopping round in Akihabara, where I picked up a brand new T60P along with some nice peripherals.. Actually this post is written on it. I have to say I was a little bit nervous buying such an expensive latptop from a company that I know nothing about. Sure the IBM Thinkpads were amongst the greatest laptops I ever used, I fondly remember my first… But since the production line was taken over by Lenovo I haven’t had a chance to test the newer versions.

The one I bought today comes with Windows Vista pre-installed, and being an IBM (sort of) the version is of course Business. I have been running vista for almost 18 months now, but this is my first time to try the final version, and I have to say I am happy that everything seems to work. The RTM’s and Beta’s were shaky at best, especially the X64 versions, but this one seems to run just fine. (After 1 hour of usage, and yes, considering previous experiences that does qualify for this verdict.)

Either way, I am also happy to report that the keyboard still retained that old IBM feeling of sturdiness that makes Thinkpads a bliss for coding.. To me (hold on, some blasphemy coming up) the Thinkpad line has always been like having a laptop with a built in Happy Hacking… You either love that or you hate it :)

Oh, and YES it feels good not being a Mac!!


6 Responses to "Lenovo (IBM) T60P"

“it feels good not being a Mac” ouch!! Well, I guess it makes good sense for you to work on a PC. After all, I believe you spend your days developing apps for the windows platform. I get it, but I don’t have to like ;)

well there is more to the story than that. Actually I am getting really bored with all those flashy mac-commercials where business applications and the likes get portraied as evil and boring. It’s like if you’re not using your PC exclusively for blogging and making movies of your family-vaccations, but actually get some work done from time to time, then you are a boring, gray stupid drone who obviously will never fit in with the flashy trendy mac-bunch…. or something like that… sorry for being a little oppinionated… It’s the commercials I hate, not the Mac itself…

Well put, and I couldn’t agree more. It believe the marketing department at Apple has been given way too much leeway. Those commercials a definitely off the mark, and might actually deter serious users. If rich suburban kids with way too much time on their hands are the target audience then I guess I’m not a Mac either :)

What really bugs me is that deep down I too love the mac, at least the philosophy as it was back when the original Macs starting shipping in 1984… Not that I was around at the time, but I think I’ve read enough books on the company and its history to qualify for an opinion.. As you say, it’s the marketing that sucks, not the machine or its software… too bad, I had a short but intense love affair with my Mac-Mini before I gave it away to a Linux Project… Just wish the world wasn’t so dependent on incompatible operating systems.. Actually come to think of it, operating systems are probably the root of much evil in the world of computers.. Let’s go back to the glorious days when they weren’t an issue….

I just had to paste a link here, regarding your last comment here…. Yes, I agree that apple has gone a bit too far with the whole pc-is-boring-thing… but let me tell ya – they will never be better at that than microsoft themselves!

For some strange reason this clip has totally eluded my attention up until today. Quite amazing, as I perceive myself as a top-of-the-world-mom-kind of guy when it comes to computer commercials.

Sit down. Take six minutes of your time for this marketing feast:

HAHAHA That is just dynamite… I love the rap, honestly ..

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