Cultural Studies…

Posted on: March 6, 2007

Sometimes making fun of other cultures really misses the spot, sometimes it is just plain trashing, ignorance or bashing. However, this one, produced by a pair of japanese comedians called the Ramenz is just great. Especially since it it done with so much love for the cultural phenomenon it portrays. :) These guys have made a whole bunch of these, but this one is the only one I could find with subtitles. Enjoy, and more importantly, learn!


6 Responses to "Cultural Studies…"

Hahahahaha…… a true source for confusion! Very evil how they mix the kind-of-real advise with the extremely-absurd… and funny how it is very hard to tell which is which without knowledge of japaneses customs. :-)

…also, I must add, isn’t it very ironic/sarcastic and lacking prerecorded laughter for a japanese humor clip? Also, where’s the picture-in-picture with a man laughing at the right places?

ah yes very modern indeed.. I am not too fond of the whole sarcasm thing and I really hope that Irony keeps its lethargic hands of off this place as long as possible. Actually I am not sure wether these have actually ever aired on tv….

A place bereft of irony and sarcasm? Sounds like bliss to me. I wonder though, are we ruined as a generation, or can we be redeemed and cast aside our habituated irony and sarcasm? (I am being perfectly serious here)

It is a bliss! Not that it doesn’t exist, but it is very very rare.

I wonder if there is any way back when being serious about anything but surface seems to be considered naive and stupid (granted a bit exaggerated but still)… Yes there is a place for irony, to a certain extent, but sometimes it just makes me really sad and angry…

You and me both, buddy.

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