Posted on: March 11, 2007

This morning we woke up to a steel-gray sky and the promise of rain hanging in the air. Strong winds had been rocking the house all night, and as the morning gloom slowly turned to day it still whined and whistled through the trees and wires outside our window.

S has the measles, a virus disease that most of us in Sweden, due to vaccination, never get a chance to actually experience up front. In Japan however, there are still cases reported every year, mostly because some people refrain from the vaccination due to some uncertainties regarding possible side effects that have yet to be thoroughly researched.

The measles is a really bad and troublesome disease. It starts as a regular cold with fevers and coughing. This then fades and gives way to swollen lymph’s, aching joints, more fever and a really bad dry cough. After a few days a red rash appears, usually in the face at first, that rapidly spreads all over the body. Needless to say this rash itches really bad. Bad enough to keep you from sleeping at nights and driving you crazy during the day. Starting with the rash, or just before it, the inside of the mouth also starts to ache bad, making it difficult to eat.

All in all it is a very painful experience, and even though it is not so dangerous it is just plain awful while it happens. Usually it lasts for about 2-2.5 week, but the rash can stay on for up to a month.
Thus I am trying my best to act doctor, cooking soups, buying medicine and so on, and even though it is very hard to see S in so much pain, I am also a little bit happy that I get a chance to take care of her a little… I know it’s bad to think so bit it still makes me feel good to know that I can do something for her :).

As the afternoon hours start rolling in the strong winds of the morning are finally packing up the gray clouds and leaving, opening the sky to a bright blue and endless open. I love the majestic sight of the city bathing in sunlight under the dark, almost black clouds. The sky divided in two with a beautiful spring afternoon on one side and a dark winter sky on the other. Still the sun is already getting ahead of itself, playing around amongst the skyscrapers, reflecting in a thousand windows, accompanied by the sounds of the neighbourhood kids getting back out to play in the streets.


7 Responses to "Sunday"

S. feeling any better? I’m sorry to hear that she’s ill, but as you say it isn’t dangerous. Although we haven’t met, please send her my regards.

You should take out your camera and add some extra texture the description above, albeit quite vivid as it is :)

s. is feeling much better now, thank you!

Actually I did take a few pictures but hosting them here on wordpress is a little bit tricky due to space limits, so I though I’d use the same system as you are, actually I was just on my way over to your blog to check it out :)) Will add some pictures as soon as possible!

Let me help you out with that:
…and if space is an issue on the wordpress server there’s always Flickr

Looks interesting, but since this is a free hosting variant of wordpress there seems to be some issues with running your own java scrips of their server. I guess I’ll go with flicker instead :) Thanks anyway!

http://www.airtightinteractive.com/simpleviewer/ is also a very nice gallery application.

Also, everything is setup on the server i have over here, as soon as you have time

You know I want to get on with that as soon as possible!!! I just need to clear a few things out at work first… I really appreciate it a ot!!!


there’s really no need for you to invest time. Just tell me what software you need.

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