MIX 2007

Posted on: April 20, 2007

Maybe most of you already know, but I’ll be visiting the Mix07 Conference in Las Vegas, USA (April 30th to May 2nd). Mix is a conference that aims to bring together web developers, designers and IT decision makers for a 72h discussion on the future of the web.

While MIX is organized by Microsoft Corp. they are really trying hard to get a good mixture of people that live both in the MS-world and those that do not.

At last years conference I was really surprised at how many non-MS speakers there were, and that those speakers also seemed to be comfortable enough to actually deliver a very sober and unbiased view of MS and their technologies. Many of the new technologies and platforms that Microsoft is unleashing unto the world lately offer knew paradigms for software development and deployment. Thus critique, as well as unbiased appreciation is very important I think.

Last year was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to this years event as well.


5 Responses to "MIX 2007"

So, what demonstrations are you planning to arrange May 1st?

I’m on a train to Skåne on May 1st. So I’m thinking maybe putting some malicious spam on carlbildt.wordpress.com … and a red shirt on my back to mark the occasion. Seriously though, it is with mixed feelings that I think about May 1st. What I’ve seen these last few years is some appallingly contradictory and irrational behavior in the name of leftist, socialist and revolutionary politics. But then again, I’ve seen much worse from the people advocating the alternatives.

I don’t know, spending most of my days in an environment of the ‘politically conscious’ has made me slightly more cynical than before and with less energy to spend on political/ideological issues and manifestations. For me, I think, the problem is cyclical. At the moment I’m tired of the whole scene, and when I’m away from it I surely will feel the urge to engage in politics, ideology and activism. If nothing else it’s all a good exercise in coherence and stamina.

Anyway, I were you hk, I would kick back, enjoy the seminars and play some poker while in Vegas. It would be extremely cool however with a small but very symbolic manifestation in front of Ceasar’s palace. Please let us know that works out :)

Seems like an awfully interesting conference, one which I would have liked to attend.

Daniel – could you please communicate your timeplan for next weekend?

Peter, Daniel!
I’ll see what I can come up with. Maybe a small march from The Mirage to the Venetian with a poster or something. Maybe there are other swedes around who’d like to join in!

Problem is, in Vegas I’d most likely just be taken for your average off-the-mill loonie…

The conference is going to be fun though! I am really looking forward to it. Only problem with it being in Vegas is that I really don’t enjoy gambling, and besides that.. well there just isn’t much to do in V… Anyways I know I know it’s not a vacation and I’ll be more than enough busy with the conference..

Oh on the other hand, let me turn the question around. Tell me about the plans in Sweden! Any fun demonstrations happening?

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