Come again?

Posted on: June 5, 2007


Concerning this.. what I am struggling with is the following little paradox, that I think sums the whole situation up neatly:

  1. Missilerna skulle placeras i Polen och en radaranläggning i Tjeckien för att möta de hot Nato anser kan komma från bland andra Iran och Nordkorea. [“The missiles were to be placed in Poland and a Radar Facility in the Czech Republic, in order to counter the threats that Nato think might come from amongst others Iran and North Korea.“]

And the following:

  1. “Så vitt jag vet så är Ryssland det enda land som spekulerar i att använda Europa som måltavla för sina missiler” / Natotalesmannen James Appathurai. [“As far as I know, Russia is the only country considering using Europa as a target for its missiles.” / Nate spokesman James Appathurai]

In other words, who is using what to “protect” who from whom??

Am I the only one confused?


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Military propaganda, seems to me that it works by a logic of its own. Pure orwellian doublespeak.

Some things never changes I’m afraid…

Guess not.

There was an interesting consensus here in Japan recently. The question was:

“Is there a need to educate people about why we do NOT have nuclear weapons in Japan?”.

I find it interesting since the question was never whether Japan should have nuc. arms or not, but whether there was a need to explain why they are so bad.

The result was that no such need existed, as those reasons should be obvious… (Not my words…)

…meanwhile, in the bat cave, Batman and Robin decide its time for another cold war, to keep everyone in check again. The Joker responds by insinuating that he will increase his fleet of long range missiles once again, and aim them towards the bat cave.

And in Cuba, Castro’s slow demise isn’t as symbolic as it should’ve been. The zeitgeist he represents, of east vs west, will not die with him. Instead it rises from its den, where it has been lurking, waiting for the right time to once again walk the earth and wreak havoc, in the shape of Control, Fear, and Religion.

It all feels so static.

Of course, some structures really do break down- the media industry, for instance, *will* fall. That gladens me.

But the politics related to state stability and economic power have not changed. It just seemed like it, just like the flower power movement for a short while really seemed to be a part of something lasting.

But then again, one can turn the tables and say that these times of american witchhunts will pass, just like they always have, and give room for humanity.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t end with a mushroom cloud this time around.

Which was the point I was getting to :-)

Following up with a poster from Massive’s upcoming game World in Conflict, which I’m currently beta testing:


-:D :) Also game looks cool! Not sure if you are allowed to talk about it, but is it as fun as it looks?

It’s great! Nice atmosphere in the beta forums as well.

Peter: Intresting that you should mention Castro in that argument. I totally agree what your saying but from what I’ve seen and heard Castro has another greater symbolic significance here in the americas. He is seen as the embodiment of opposition to imperialism on this continent, which in this day and age has less to do with the cold war and more with north american aggression going back more than 200 years. Looks like Hugo Chavez is well underway shouldering the role of Castro

Unfortunately, I think it all boils down to power, which in this discussion translates into old fashioned imperialism… a practice probably dating back to the time when some cave man first took up a stone to throw at his neighbor in order to pocket some extra mammoth jerky.

Daniel – I do include the facts that you mention, within my previous statement.

In the last few years the Bush regime has once again created a strong definition of USA as a single entity taking part in world affairs.

There are some multinational organizations that the US is part of, many of these having questionable agendas of course, but nevertheless they move beyond the aged notion of The Nation as the entity defining borders, rules, or even culture.

The opposition towards imperialism that you mention is, I dare to guess, mostly a question of US directed imperialistic maneuvers.

The US imperialism seemed – at least on the surface – to dwindle and move on from old mistakes to new… well, maybe mistakes but at least new ones, under the Clinton administration. Please correct me if you believe me to be wrong in this assumption. I am mainly focusing here on the demilitarization of the relationship between the US and Russia, which I would dare say was actual and not make-believe.

I felt that an era of diplomatic change was on the horizon. This was followed by the new protest wave surrounding the G8 meetings and so forth. I nurtured hope that there would be more sense and less dictatorish foul play in the top leader posse, that the US now would finally decide to be a part of the world and not the satelite it had been since Mayflower.

And, I hoped that Castro’s firm opposition with little room for discussion (note: I am in no way criticizing Castro in this) would no longer be needed, as the US would realize that dictatorish imperialism doesn’t work and only fuels discontent and hate.

But now it feels like I’m playing a computer game and accidently pressed RESTART GAME.

So, Castro is dead long live Chavez! ;)

Well, there was of corse “The Coalition of the Willing”. Coalition of the Willing? Does James Cameron write their PR material?!

Ok, have to rant a little on this subject – catchy names for incomprehensible collections of new laws: The winner must of course be USA PATRIOT ACT. As if it isn’t horrible enough as it is, it is of course also an abbreviation:

Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act

Hence, “USA” no longer meanse “United States of America”. It now means “Uniting and Strengthening America” – not sure if this was intended but it does fit well with the new USA.

K9 is another favorite – the name for the police dog unit. I don’t know about you, but when I’m assaulted by a gang of poorly trained US dogs, the last thing I want is pilsnerkomik.

Peter, you are as eloquent as always :)
I didn’t know about that abbreviation. Horrible as it is I find myself less than surprised to learn about it. James Cameron has got nothing on this level of cheesiness, I believe the honor goes to some TV-preacher from Salt Lake City.

Another topic altogether: hk, when are you coming to Sweden next time?

and even more important:

Daniel, when are YOU coming to Sweden?

We were actually in Sweden just recently, though not even for a week so there was no time for socializing… Next time might be around christmas, though nothing is decided yet…

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