A marrige made in heaven…

Posted on: September 6, 2007

Of course you saw it coming! At least if the name of any of your relatives was Nostradamus…


From a marketing perspective I’m sure just the mentioning of these to brands in the same breath must make your head spin with all the life-style keywords you can slam onto the ads. The only problem might be that the combination is so hip and right-in-time that it is hard to find a medium where such an ad could fit comfortably in. TV is obviously out of the question, Web 2.0 might be ok but you’d still have to deal with that old 2000-like internet thingy….

If it works out, great! I will happily admit that I’m a fan of both the Ipod and Starbucks. But this ‘mash-up’ seems a little too slippery… Just me being skeptical?


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