time, so important after all

Posted on: September 24, 2007

Okidoki, back in the United States, this time Seattle. It’s my first time this far north in the states and the one thing that struck me after leaving the airport was how similar the environment is to Sweden. The southern part that is. Actually it looks very much like the surroundings where I grew up. Also, people seem to be a lot more relaxed around here that say California, Texas or Boston. Or at least that’s my impression from walking around in Redmond looking for cheap and warm shirts and jackets. Why? There’s one more thing about this place that resembles Sweden, the temperature. Today shows a whooping 13 degrees Celsius ;). I guess I really have gotten used to the nice warm autumns in Tokyo :). Well, I guess I don’t have to spill it out, but already after a day, I miss Tokyo… And even more, I miss S… It sucks being a part even if it’s only for a week……….

On another note:

Heard today in a TV commercial on Americas channel 12 USA:

Every day has the potential to be a Dixi day. What if you could save another 5 minutes everyday, 5 minutes that you could spend with your family instead. Little moments one by one but in the end, they add up to a life time of memories. The new Dixi paper plates, so strong and white you wont know the difference. Make it a Dixi day, with the new ultra strong non-spill Dixi Paper plate.

I’m quoting out of memory here so I might be a little bit off…

Anyways, interesting the sincerity by which paper plates can be presented…

S: 凄く凄く会いたい!一週間も絶対長すぎ!!!気を付けてね!!!!


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