PMX-001 Palace Athene

Posted on: October 2, 2007

I recently stumbled on an excellent chance at better my image as a geek and Otaku ;) when a co-worker gave me a complete, un-opened plastic model of a Gundam Robot. The kind where you get 500 pieces and you have to put it all together yourself. I have never been interested in model building, apart from Lego which always was and still is fun to play with (even though I never get a chance to do that anymore…), but for some reason I decided I wanted to give this one a try. I guess building intergalactic battle robots is just plain fun no matter what. I will post the result as soon as I get it all together.


This might be addictive ;).


6 Responses to "PMX-001 Palace Athene"


やっぱりそうだね。。今日会社でまたこの話盛り上がったよ ;) 「いつかアキバ行こうよ!」とか ;)

Sachiko – prepare to eat standing up as this project will most likely take over the kitchen table for the next year. ;-)

hahahah! you know him very well!!
He opened the box and spread them out on the kitchen table with stars in his eyes..
And in the night, he brought those small 500 pieces to the bedroom and started to put together on the bed…. the bed…
I also need to learn how to sleep standing up.. :)

Ha ha ha!

hahaha… glad to hear some things don’t change :-)

Also, hope all is well with you!!!!

What’s this? Well I say you wont laugh as much when my 500 ton mega super laser fighting ultra robot (that was just finished by the way) comes after you with its 8 long range missiles, 2 ultra hyper laser beam guns and mega booster laser sword!!

(picture will be posted soon)

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