What’s bad about the Apple MacBook Air?

Posted on: January 17, 2008

Not to be negative in any way, but figuring out what’s good about it is not so hard. Here’s the problem. I’m considering getting one for S, but before getting seduced by its great looks I figured I’d turn the table and ask myself why I should NOT get one… Any obvious pitfalls? The lack of optical drive is not a problem since neither I nor she ever uses it anyway. The hard disk is spinning at 4200 rpm. Not so fast but the solid-state alternative is too expensive, and for a notebook 4200 is acceptable I guess… Anything else that springs to mind?


7 Responses to "What’s bad about the Apple MacBook Air?"

No way of changing the battery could be an issue in the future. Not a problem for me who will have one as a company ‘puter, but perhaps it matters for you.

Nice new theme by the way

That’s interesting… Does that mean the battery can’t be upgraded or does it mean that if the battery burns (something that seems to be getting more and more common), you can’t replace it with a new one?

I suppose you can get it done by handing it in to one of the apple drones in their borg cube right?

I actually read something about the battery issue. They charge $129 for a battery replacement and you will have to send the computer to their techs to have it installed. Which means parting with the little thing for a few days. Installation is included in the price.


I don’t really see any downside to the computer, as long as price isn’t a big issue.

Daniel, thanks for clarifying. I guess that’s acceptable.

Has anyone seen it in action? What’s the GUI like given the graphics card? As far as I understand, latest mac OS is pretty heavy on the Ui… Does the GUI still feel responsive and smooth?

Den är rätt slö och inte särskilt spännande. Batteritiden är ok men inte mer. Macbook Pro 13″ är lätt bästa datorn på marknaden nu, sjukt mycket valuta för pengarna! Just do it!

Hoho, jag trodde det var ett nytt inlägg! Haha!

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