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There’s been some buzz around the web lately around ASP.NET MVC, particularly after Mix where it was a reoccurring topic amongst the more technically oriented visitors. I’ve kept an eye on it for some time, mostly because I like the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern a bunch, but I never took the time to actually download the extensions and play with it. For the past few weeks though I’ve been spending a lot of time in planes and airports, and what better way to kill some time than to code?

The MVC pattern may be old news, and I’m sure that most people with at least some application development experience have already used it at some point, though they may not have been aware of it. In software systems architecture we like to think of three distinct layers of abstraction that help us organize and manage code and functionality. Or at least we did until the number 3 started to feel old and was replaced by the much more sexy ‘n’ ;).

MVCThose three layers are Data, Logic and UI, though they may be called by different names depending on your platform/environment/religion. What MVC does is it focuses on the UI layer, or the presentation layer, and splits it further into one or more Controllers and Views.

Controllers are the handlers and responders to UI events such as user interaction. The Controller responds to a user action and then updates the Model to reflect this action. The Model is roughly equal to the Data layer in the 3 tier architecture described above, though there are some important differences. A model is a contextually skewed data layer in the sense that there may be several models representing the same data from various ‘viewpoints’. The Model is what gives contextual meaning to the data by ‘modelling’ it in accordance with the current domain of the application.

The View presents the Model to the user in accordance with its context, e.g. as a UI that is updated to reflect the state of the Model. The model has no knowledge of the View and the View cannot directly change the state of the Model.

This basic explanation of the MVC pattern should be obvious to most .NET developers who are used to mantras like “Applications = Code + Markup” and keywords like code-behind. The MVC pattern is more or less implemented in any pattern/architecture that says ‘Thou shalt not mix UI and logic’ or ‘Get your XML out of my code!’.

What makes ASP.NET MVC so interesting is that it brings this pattern to the ASP.NET programming model, offering a much cleaner, simple to maintain and natural way (for app-devs that is) to program the web. One of my friends recently rewrote his blog using it, and I can’t wait to get an excuse to use this in a live project!

I highly encourage you to download the Visual Studio extensions and try them out. More info can be found here:


Det gor ont i hjartat att lasa om Kinas overgrepp i Tibet. Sjalv var jag funderade jag sallan pa situationen fram tills den senaste tidens mediarapportering, men for var dag som gar med okad rapportering kring de narstaende olympiska spelen blir det allt mer uppenbart hur handlingsfattiga poilitiker och idrottsorganisationer star infor valet mellan de lockande kommersiella prospekten och ett stallningstagande for manskliga rattigheter.

Kort sagt ar linjen fran Kinas hall att politik och idrott ar tva skilda varldar utan inbordes relation. Nagot som naturligtvis blir resten av varldens daliga samvetes kryphal. ‘Det ar for jakligt, vi borde gora ngt, men absolut inte stoppa matchen.’


Dom Båstadbor som hotar
med batonger och gevär
vill bara skydda dom profiter
som turismen innebär
Precis som generalerna
har dom ekonomiska motiv
Och se´n säger dom
att sport inte hör ihop med politik.

Stoppa matchen (1975)
Text/Musik: Mikael Wiehe


Uppdatering: Mycket av det ovanstande verkar bekraftas i foljande artikel i DNs natupplaga 20080326:

– Kinas ledare är säkra på att västliga ledare inte kommer att uttala högljudd kritik, och de vet att det inte blir någon OS-bojkott. Det är bara frivilligorganisationer som protesterar i omvärlden. Högt uppsatta kinesiska ledare har sagt att “Bush står bakom oss, så det här blir inga problem”, säger Xu Youyu, en liberal filosof, vid Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.


Ytterligare en uppdatering:
Rubriken till foljande artikel borde snarare vara

Kinas av staten censurerade nyhetsbyra havdar Vapenbeslag och 26 gripna i kloster.



Posted on: March 22, 2008

Fran alltombarn.se

Gunilla är orolig över alla intriger i dotterna tjej-gäng. Linda Ulfsdotter ger råd.

Jag har en dotter
som fyller 12 år nu i vår.


Min dotter blir inte medbjuden när de ska ut på helgerna osv.

Vad gor 11 ariga tjejer nar de ar ‘ute pa helgerna’? http://www.alltombarn.se/du_och_barnet/tonarsexperten-1.8076

”Mat-Tinas Troschock”


I’m not sure if this only applies to me, but I discovered this little annoyance after downloading the latest ASP.NET MVC CTP. After creating a new project with a test project, sometimes hitting F5 results in the following message:

 Error 1 The type or namespace name ‘HttpApplication’ does not exist in the namespace ‘System.Web’ (are you missing an assembly reference?) […]\Global.asax.cs 12 49 Mvc_b1_Tests

This can easily be solved of course, just add a reference to System.Web in the test project and it will compile and run just fine…

Just thought I’d mention it :)

So, after 4 very, very hectic days Mix08 is over. It’s been 4 days filled with interesting conversations and meetings, and I am very glad that I came for the third year in a row.

This year I did not have time to see that many sessions, and so I was very happy to see how fast the session videos came online. For those of you who could not attend, here’s your chance to soak up some of the content! Check them out at http://sessions.visitmix.com .

I’ll be leaving Las Vegas 8am tomorrow morning, and I just realized that tonight the Americans set their clocks forward one hour, switching to summertime. That could have ended in some interesting misunderstandings at the airport…

Anyways, need to get some rest before starting the long trip back to Tokyo.


Posted on: March 7, 2008

Currently suffering from a slight information overload here at the Mix Conference. There is just so much good stuff being presented here that it’s really hard to take it all in and process. I’m not gonna try to even list the stuff, there are plenty of blogs around that do that already.

As far as online development goes (btw, Steve Ballmer just performed another monkey dance live here, this time shouting out to the web developers…), and I mean any kind of online application/service development, Mix is just a really great place to catch up on where things are headed. While the conference is a Microsoft event,and naturally a lot of the sessions are MS technology centric, the attendees come from all sorts of platforms and backgrounds, and just tapping into all the discussions going on here really gives you huge amount of invaluable information.

As I said though, I think I might have gotten a slight overload so for the next 10 minutes I’m gonna close my eyes and listen to some spanish online radio…


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