Posted on: March 7, 2008

Currently suffering from a slight information overload here at the Mix Conference. There is just so much good stuff being presented here that it’s really hard to take it all in and process. I’m not gonna try to even list the stuff, there are plenty of blogs around that do that already.

As far as online development goes (btw, Steve Ballmer just performed another monkey dance live here, this time shouting out to the web developers…), and I mean any kind of online application/service development, Mix is just a really great place to catch up on where things are headed. While the conference is a Microsoft event,and naturally a lot of the sessions are MS technology centric, the attendees come from all sorts of platforms and backgrounds, and just tapping into all the discussions going on here really gives you huge amount of invaluable information.

As I said though, I think I might have gotten a slight overload so for the next 10 minutes I’m gonna close my eyes and listen to some spanish online radio…


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