Mix08 (leaving)

Posted on: March 8, 2008

So, after 4 very, very hectic days Mix08 is over. It’s been 4 days filled with interesting conversations and meetings, and I am very glad that I came for the third year in a row.

This year I did not have time to see that many sessions, and so I was very happy to see how fast the session videos came online. For those of you who could not attend, here’s your chance to soak up some of the content! Check them out at http://sessions.visitmix.com .

I’ll be leaving Las Vegas 8am tomorrow morning, and I just realized that tonight the Americans set their clocks forward one hour, switching to summertime. That could have ended in some interesting misunderstandings at the airport…

Anyways, need to get some rest before starting the long trip back to Tokyo.


9 Responses to "Mix08 (leaving)"


うん!(もう帰ったけど;) )


Thanks a bunch for the link! Really great presentation of the sessions – and I’m at awe that it’s all for free!

Great stuff. Lots of sessions worth checking out, judging by the abstracts. I sent the link out to my colleagues and as I walk around the office I see a lot of them are deep into the sessions.

Yeah! It’s great that it’s not one of those “We’ll send you the DVD in 4 months” thing. It’s free and it was online like 3 hours after each session ended :).

Now if only the Silverlight application would actually show me any of the stuff without requiring ten reloads…. ;-P

?? That’s odd, I was actually kind of impressed with how easy it was to install and get running…

What browser is that?

No, the videos do show when they actually do, but most of the time they get stuck at loading… – could of course be a load issue, but annoying never the less. But ’tis is but a small taint of bitterness in a sweet cup of nectar.

ah, well that’s another issue I guess… Are you guys interested in Silverlight Dev. at all? There were some sessions on SL as a gaming platform, and I guess you already picked up the fact that it’s running on Windows Mobile now?

I haven’t heard a whisper about SL here, no. The company is rather commited to Nokia at the moment, and with their new n-gage platform (no, not a phone, a platform for distribution + a phone standard) out in beta I don’t think that will change. Honestly, I don’t see Windows Mobile gaining any momentum on the gaming side. If anything, the next big thing is iPhone – I suppose you’ve seen the keynote, and it sure looks interesting, to say the least. Hope for an r&d-project on it very soon!

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