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Posted on: April 29, 2008

ibland blir de sa otroligt verkliga…

Linn Scarlett Johansson



Posted on: April 20, 2008

Hej hej!

Ville bara beratta att vi ar 3 nu :). Hon heter Linn, hon ar det vackraste.

Kram kram!

(Mer senare nar hjartat slutar svalla sa)

Watching the news coming in from India I just have to comment on this… It was never, and it still isn’t my intention to turn this blog into a political arena, but this is just too … absurd.

So here’s the situation. (My interpretation…)

We’re gonna jog around a bunch of cities in the world carrying a flame, that is supposedly kept alive all the way but that is obviously put out must of the time while traveling from city to city. In order to keep it peaceful and safe from disturbing elements that represent political views other than the ones that promote the commercial interests of this glorious event, we’ll keep most of the rout secret. Also, it will be surrounded by hundreds of commando soldiers and police men. This means you wont be able to see much of it, and even when it does happen to pass close by, we’ll recommend you turn around and look the other way.

BUT, make no mistake, this flame carry the hope of peace and prosperity for all of mankind. This is for your sake and it is a peoples event of joy and festivity…


and I used to enjoy watching the Olympic games on tv…

Very creative interpretation of the word peaceful …

Some 15,000 police and commandos have locked down the heart of the city where the torch relay will be held.

A least 50 Tibetans were detained by police at a rally in front of the Chinese embassy in Delhi on Wednesday.

The torch was then driven along a route into the city lined with hundreds of police.

The authorities have closed many main roads in central Delhi in the run-up to the ceremony, creating huge traffic jams.

Police have ordered workers in government offices overlooking the route of the torch not to look out of their windows to witness the ceremony because of the perceived security threat.

Police patrols have been issued with blankets and fire extinguishers to prevent protesters from setting themselves on fire.

“We have taken every precaution to ensure the event remains peaceful,” Junior Home Minister Shakeel Ahmed told reporters.


How is the above described scenario, in any possible interpretation of the term, peaceful?

Running around with this little torch sure is starting to seem costly to me…

A late jog

Posted on: April 11, 2008

For some reason…. I really cannot figure out why, I suddenly remembered an episode from when I was 6/7 years old. Me and my friend M had snuck into his older brother’s room to play with his shiny computer, something we did on a regular basis when he wasn’t around. Neither M nor me had our own computer at the time, so the few chances we got to play Law of the West, Ghost Busters and Paperboy could be the highlight of the week.

At the time we had never heard of the Demo Scene or Demos, until this fine day when the we decided to try out a new game called ‘A Late Jog’ (At least that’s what the tape said). We pressed play on tape, sat through the regular loading screen when suddenly,

no flashing intro, no crack greets, no nothing,

a jogging skeleton shows up on the screen.

and very slowly ‘jog’ across the screen, he/she then bumps the skull into the branch on the right side, collapses into a pile of bones and creeps out of view.

I believe this was my first ever encounter with the Demo Scene… I also remember how hard we laughed…

I know nothing about this demo, who made it or who Henry Gork was, but who ever wrote those lines of code can rejoice at the fact that there is at least one person around who remembers them…



Posted on: April 2, 2008

Antar att jag haller pa att bli gammal eller ngt… Men en aldersgrans pa 13 for att sitta pa kafe och lira till 9 pa morgonen? Ar detta nagot som de flesta 13 aringar tar for given ratt idag eller ar det (som jag vill tro) ovanligt?

– Då vänder alla på dygnet eftersom man ska inte upp dagen efter. Sedan brukar de ha öppet vissa nätter och då det är fullt med folk här inne som spelar ända till klockan nio på morgonen. Men då har de en åldersgräns på 13 år. 


Pa nagot satt later det sa frammande fran hur jag mins mig sjalv som 13 aring… Eller vad mina paron tillat..


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