A late jog

Posted on: April 11, 2008

For some reason…. I really cannot figure out why, I suddenly remembered an episode from when I was 6/7 years old. Me and my friend M had snuck into his older brother’s room to play with his shiny computer, something we did on a regular basis when he wasn’t around. Neither M nor me had our own computer at the time, so the few chances we got to play Law of the West, Ghost Busters and Paperboy could be the highlight of the week.

At the time we had never heard of the Demo Scene or Demos, until this fine day when the we decided to try out a new game called ‘A Late Jog’ (At least that’s what the tape said). We pressed play on tape, sat through the regular loading screen when suddenly,

no flashing intro, no crack greets, no nothing,

a jogging skeleton shows up on the screen.

and very slowly ‘jog’ across the screen, he/she then bumps the skull into the branch on the right side, collapses into a pile of bones and creeps out of view.

I believe this was my first ever encounter with the Demo Scene… I also remember how hard we laughed…

I know nothing about this demo, who made it or who Henry Gork was, but who ever wrote those lines of code can rejoice at the fact that there is at least one person around who remembers them…



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