On the olympic flame…

Posted on: April 17, 2008

Watching the news coming in from India I just have to comment on this… It was never, and it still isn’t my intention to turn this blog into a political arena, but this is just too … absurd.

So here’s the situation. (My interpretation…)

We’re gonna jog around a bunch of cities in the world carrying a flame, that is supposedly kept alive all the way but that is obviously put out must of the time while traveling from city to city. In order to keep it peaceful and safe from disturbing elements that represent political views other than the ones that promote the commercial interests of this glorious event, we’ll keep most of the rout secret. Also, it will be surrounded by hundreds of commando soldiers and police men. This means you wont be able to see much of it, and even when it does happen to pass close by, we’ll recommend you turn around and look the other way.

BUT, make no mistake, this flame carry the hope of peace and prosperity for all of mankind. This is for your sake and it is a peoples event of joy and festivity…


and I used to enjoy watching the Olympic games on tv…


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