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Posted on: June 27, 2008

No connection what so ever?

US court overturns DC handgun ban

“Since 1976, the private possession of handguns had been prohibited in the nation’s capital, while rifles and shotguns had been required to be locked away or dismantled.

The DC city council argued that the ban was needed to help keep violence and murder rates down.

But the measure was challenged by a security guard, Dick Heller.

He argued that if he was allowed to have a handgun at work, he also had a constitutional right to have one at home.”


Love the logic of this man’s reasoning. “If I’m allowed to do it at work, I can bloody well do it at home!”- kind of attitude! So humorous and yet so sad…

US factory worker in gun rampage

“A man who opened fire on colleagues at a plastics factory in Kentucky warned his girlfriend two hours before that he would kill his boss, police said.”


No need to comment on this particular event except that this too is very sad…

Florida lawmakers pass “take your guns to work” law

“The second thing they wrote about in that constitution was the right to bear arms,” said Sen. Durell Peaden, a Republican from Crestview, Florida. “It was what was dear in their hearts.”


Here’s another great thinker of our times! But of course Senator, what was dear in their hearts was GUNS! Nothing more important than guns…


I also recommend reading the comments on Justin Webb’s blog, in response to his post on the above DC ruling:



Reading the BBC news site today I came across this funny little passage:

Reebok, which is owned by Adidas and is outfitting 250 Games participants, has decided against making its athletes available for press conferences or one-on-one interviews during the event.

Instead, it plans to use a video news service to interview athletes and distribute content to media organisations.

“As a brand, we didn’t want to put our athletes in the position when being interviewed or having to explain their personal views on the human rights issue, and we also didn’t want to act as a censor either,” explains Josie Stevens, Reebok director of global public relations.


How is this not being a censor? I’m perplexed…


Posted on: June 16, 2008

Detta ar ju helt sanslost?

Snalla nagon sag att det ar ett javligt daligt skamt!

Snarare, det far helt enkelt inte vara sant!


Han maste haft minst 1000 latar kvar att skriva…

Vi sag fram emot varenda en…

jojo jaja

Posted on: June 10, 2008

det var battre forr…










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