Posted on: June 3, 2008








6 Responses to "日本語で。。。て?"

Ja men du får ju inte glömma hur man skriver på svenska heller!


ingen fara pa taket :) men de svenska tecknen ar helt ute ur systemet ;)

hey, you (3) nerds ok?
Heard about the Akiba-stabber…!
kowai na.

that was really scary… gets so much worse when its totally random and in the middle of the day…

We are doing fine though! How are you holding up?

Good to hear – I mean, we nerds have travelled the sidewalk of Aki quite a few times… so this is extra scary.

It seems he warned people online ahead of the attack. Phew, what’s up with the Japanese youth? Are they so bored they need to become the characters of their video games in real life?

All things good here in Cph – at least more peaceful!
I hope the rain season’s not too bad in Tokyo.

I don’t know, I have no explanations… It seems he was the type to easily loose his head and go nuts when angry… also apparently he was ‘tired of life’…

It all seems very surreal here in Tokyo where things like this used to be very rare… :( I hope Akiba wont change to much because of this…

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