Great news everyone…

Posted on: July 12, 2008

Well, it took 11 years longer than expected, and I finally did it in Japanese instead of Swedish, but Wednesday this week, after about 6 months of studying and practicing, I passed the Japanese Drivers License Exam. :) Yey!!

The hardest part was def. the language, and the fact that traffic and traffic rules here are rather different from Sweden. For starters Japanes drive on the left side of the road… :)

But ‘Skam den som ger sig’ as the good ol’ swedish chap will tell you, I passed and I can now finally drive our egg-shaped Ipod-car :)))



9 Responses to "Great news everyone…"

Hurra hurra hurra!

hihi taaak! :)

Stort grattis! Men jag hoppas att du inte kör bil när du kommer hem till Sverige igen! ;)

Vad falls! Litar du inte pa mina mad drivin skillz?? ;)
Vet inte ens om jag far faktiskt… men jag tror jag far kora pa internationellt kort i 3 manader typ…

:-D Weeeeee!

Får du köra robotbilar också då? Med dina robotarmar? Och robotben?



hihi jexz! men nu kor jag bara ipod-egg-bil. Dessutom pa vanster sida hihi :)

Congrats buddy, I’m sure you have found the car to be a very convenient conveyence. At the very least it is good to know that you have the option to take the car.

I haven’t commented here lately, but it is not for lack of reading your posts.

…don’t drink and drive… :)

hahaha, Thank you!

funny you should mention it?? hahaha does that mean that in your imagination I am particularly likely to do so? :D

certainly not my good man :)
It was the only moderately witty thing I could come up with to say. However, I’ve noticed on my travels that Swedes tend to be far more strict than others when it comes to this. This being a public forum I won’t delve any deeper into that ;)

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