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Here’s a great site filled with inspiration for Interaction Designers.


Check it out and browse through the hundreds of photos of various controls, levers, buttons and dials. A tip is to visually or with your hands try to imagine how to actually operate the different designs.

The site is managed by Dan Saffer who also likes to experiment with Silverlight and WPF in the search for interesting and easy to use interfaces and design. Check out one of his many interesting projects at http://nerdplusart.com, and another at http://www.interactivegestures.com.



Posted on: August 25, 2008

Idag nar jag knallade in i lunchrummet for att klippa en kopp kaffe visade det sig att kaffeautomaten forvandlats till en gillestuga-tidsmaskin. Vid samtliga bord i lunchrummet satt motarbetare i sma grupper, gestikulerade och skrattade, samt agnade sig at det dar magiska tidsfordrivet som jag och sakert manga med mig mins fran barndomen… Uno…

Jag gnuggade mig i ogonen for att raskt skaka av mig denna markliga hallucination, nar en kack rost plotsligt utropade, “Oi! Ska du inte vara med pa ett parti??”. Tacksamt svarade jag “Visst!” och tankte att nar man ar trott och lite utarbetad kan det val aldrig finnas anledning att saga nej till ett parti Uno, hallucination eller inte….



(En gang nar jag var liten sorterade jag varan Uno-lek efter farg… da blev min syster heligt forbannad…)


Posted on: August 21, 2008

I just got a very funny email from facebookemail.{com} with a wording that is just too off to be true:

A message to tell the user that as an admin he can approve a request to join his group requested to join the group “[cut out for privacy]”.As an admin of this group, you can approve this request.

To approve this request, follow the link below:


The Facebook Team

What do you make of it? :D

Nic was kind enough to share with us a great video of Janis J at Woodstock, so I decided to do a little sharing of my own:

The interview at the end is a gem!

これや本当にすごいなぁ。。 前から知ってたけど、なぜか忘れちゃったな。実際に映画になるなんて夢みたいなもんだ。漫画のストリーやキャラとかは本当良かったし、あとその話の深さとかは他の漫画になかなか見つからないと思う。それか、やっぱり俺の自分の好きな音楽とか、性格を持つ主人公だからかな。。





I have blogged before (i think?) about a really good manga called 20th century boys, named after a T-Rex song. The story and the characters are just great and I’m now reading this manga for the third time. I heard rumors about a year ago that there was a movie in the makings, but somehow I managed to forget all about it. Until recently when I caught a glimpse of a poster in the local … bla bla bla long story short:

A great manga is being turned into a movie, and not only one but a whole whoppin triology! What’s more, part 1 will be released this month. The clip above is a preview!

You can read the whole manga in English at the site below: (I really recommend it)


Below is the Wikipedia entry, conains SPOILERS though…



Posted on: August 5, 2008

idag kopte jag en planka…
och byggde en trappa…

en trappa

en trappa

det var skoj.

(plankan var en 10fot (3048mm) 2×10)

so good

Posted on: August 4, 2008

This is so good.. For the first time (that I can remember) in eleven years I am burning the midnight oil to Kraftwerk’s Neon Lights… Last time was at Spetsen, writing a report as a first year student in Nkpg…

Daniel, you might remember some of those nights.. ;)

It’s the hard-nock life… hahaha


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