so good

Posted on: August 4, 2008

This is so good.. For the first time (that I can remember) in eleven years I am burning the midnight oil to Kraftwerk’s Neon Lights… Last time was at Spetsen, writing a report as a first year student in Nkpg…

Daniel, you might remember some of those nights.. ;)

It’s the hard-nock life… hahaha


3 Responses to "so good"

haha, I do indeed remember. The anguish of having your computer crash at 4 a.m. and ruining hours of work. The stillness of early mornings with the sound of birds outside congratulating you on a job well done. I remember that I listened a lot to Basil Poledouris’ Conan music back then.

Nice memories :D

fact is, I still listen to Basil from time to time ;) great when you’re preparing for a fiery meeting with a client. ;)

hahaha, yeah. When etiquette forbids the bringing of battleaxes to business meetings at least we can bring the mental image of Conan planting his axe in the head of some arrogant consultant. Good stuff, I’ll give it try!

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