Posted on: August 5, 2008

idag kopte jag en planka…
och byggde en trappa…

en trappa

en trappa

det var skoj.

(plankan var en 10fot (3048mm) 2×10)


8 Responses to "trappa"

Where is that? Do you have a porch? Gief pix of house plx!

Do I have a porch? My friend, I have TOOOO :))
Pix of house will not (by policy) be published here, I think I gave you a url/u/p to another gallery right? There are more pictures there :D

Oh, E (b34t) has the details.

Looks robust, well done. I trust you did several Georgsson-maneuvers to get the measurements just right? ;)

Funny you should ask! I have never had the pleasure to study for the real Georgsson sensei, but since you gave me a name for this minute-to-learn, life-time-to-master technique I have found it much easier to focus my Ki when performing it. Truth is, I use it a lot. ;)

*LOL* Glad to hear it and Sensei Georgsson would be pleased also.

but the burning question remains… what comes after the Georgsson? There has to be more advanced techniques and manouvers that this legendary master posses?

Actually, shortly before I left his tutelage he was about to reveal the ancient secret of mixing your own falu röfärg using ordinary household items such as eggs. However, a few moments before we were about to begin a cruel twist of fate swayed the hand of the master and the egg broke. He lost his composure and was never really himself after that. Alas, the Georgsson-maneuver is all that remains of his legacy…

Mr. D!
You just made me laugh out really loud here in the office prompting those weird faces from my co-workers … again…

It’s a heart breaking scene that should really be made into a movie… with a soundtrack by Céline Dion

Georgsson may have lost the egg, but our hearts will go on!

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