やぁぁ~~ (20世紀少年)

Posted on: August 7, 2008

これや本当にすごいなぁ。。 前から知ってたけど、なぜか忘れちゃったな。実際に映画になるなんて夢みたいなもんだ。漫画のストリーやキャラとかは本当良かったし、あとその話の深さとかは他の漫画になかなか見つからないと思う。それか、やっぱり俺の自分の好きな音楽とか、性格を持つ主人公だからかな。。





I have blogged before (i think?) about a really good manga called 20th century boys, named after a T-Rex song. The story and the characters are just great and I’m now reading this manga for the third time. I heard rumors about a year ago that there was a movie in the makings, but somehow I managed to forget all about it. Until recently when I caught a glimpse of a poster in the local … bla bla bla long story short:

A great manga is being turned into a movie, and not only one but a whole whoppin triology! What’s more, part 1 will be released this month. The clip above is a preview!

You can read the whole manga in English at the site below: (I really recommend it)


Below is the Wikipedia entry, conains SPOILERS though…



5 Responses to "やぁぁ~~ (20世紀少年)"

I haven’t watched or read manga in years. Mostly because I simply don’t know where to start, what’s good and what’s not. I will definitely give 20th Century Boys a try, thanks for the tip!

It takes a while for the story to really get started, and perhaps it looks a bit .. odd at first, but don’t give up on it until you’ve really given it a chance. I really think the story will appeal to you.

Missade dig i SF, råkade rasa genom ett hål till 69, som tur var hade jag kameran med mig och filmade följande: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PG2TDaJDhQ&feature=related


そうね。。。でも琳ちゃんは大きくなったら見せようね ;)

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