XBAPs and Google Chrome

Posted on: September 7, 2008

A no-go?

Based on the It’s Not Working On My Machine principle, I conclude that Google Chrome does not support XBAPs. Is this confirmed?


7 Responses to "XBAPs and Google Chrome"

Why would anyone care? What is it used for?

“XBAP (XAML Browser Application) is a new Windows technology used for creating Rich Internet Applications.

While windows applications are normally compiled to an .exe file, browser applications are compiled to an extension .xbap and can be run inside Internet Explorer. ”

“… inside internet explorer”


Your sources are old my friend. XBAPs run just fine in FireFox (as of .net 3.5), and I have seen demos of XBAPs executed in Safari on a mac (PDC 05) as well… I don’t know about Opera though…

I would care, I have delivered several products using XBAP deployment… would be sad if they weren’t supported…

XBAP applications do work in google chrome, however you have to set your environments PATH variable to the directory where xpcom.dll is located.

for example SET PATH=PATH;”C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox”

That is great news! Thank you for pointing this out!

So… you have to tell to your users (old lady, busy guy, computer phobic. etc.) “please go to Start, control panel ….” just to use your web site?


probably a matter of time before this matter is resolved (if it hasn’t already happened…)

how i run xbap application in firefox…i cant able to run it with some settings like add NPWPF.dll file or add some DLL in google chrome from firefox…plz give me the helpful solution for this problem.

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