Acrylic Cowboy

Posted on: April 27, 2009

I am seriously considering getting one of those for my next desktop machine. Apart from being very convenient and cheap, they also seem to solve many of the contained heat problems associated with ordinary towers in the mid price range. … Ok all excuses aside, they just look really really cool. And they are really really cheap. That’s good enough. The only thing that worries me is the potential noise and dust that might gather on the components. This is a workspace though and a handy can of compressed air should at least take care of the dust. Noise however could be a more serious problem. I am planning a SLI GTX295 solution so there might be considerable levels of it…

Acrylic Cowboy (actual name)

Acrylic Cowboy (actual name)

Read more about it here (Japanese only)


And here



2 Responses to "Acrylic Cowboy"

Plastic isn’t a good material to have around heat. It gives off toxins that aren’t all that healthy – especially not for a small child. Just as you shouldn’t use plastic bottles to feed them with. It is scary the more you read about it.

May I instead suggest a sturdy metal solution? I know you have a thing for huge full towers.

Peter! thank you for your input! I’m not so worried about the heat, I’m considering various cooling solutions (including water).

I do have a thing for huge full towers, they hum nicely and are easy to work with, but I already got two Coolermaster boxes, now I need something that gives easy access to the internals while maintaining ‘cool’ and low cost….

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