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Posted on: June 17, 2009

Yes. the rumours on the intertubes are correct! Last weekend I bought a guitar (acoustic)! This is something I have wanted to do for many many year, and no doubt it will take many many more before I learn to play it :P. Anyways, promise me you’ll be my albums when the day comes! Below is a picture of the wonder, and to you who doubt the sound and quality of Kitty, it’s actually a Fender :) (Made in china and all! True rock n roll!)




Two recent episodes:

1. When trying to log in for the first time in several months, I accidentally typed the wrong (but a valid) gmail address / password combination, upon which facebook saw it fit to create a new account for this email/password combination??? What the ??? I didn’t agree to any terms of license, I did not provide any personal details, yet facebook thought it appropriate to log in to the given gmail account and extract my birthdate, name and other personal information, and tie this to the newly created account??? This cannot possibly be legal…. Also, needless to say the aforementioned mail account is now being flooded with spam….

2. Just the other day I received a mail from a close friend I have not heard from in a long time. The message was sent through facebook to my real profile, and forwarded to the email address associated with that account. Since this was a message I wanted to reply to, I logged in and started writing a message. Half way through I typed the Url to the company I work for, and facebook automatically grabs the title of the index page from that url and attaches it, together with the first image that matches those keywords in its database. Or rather, facebook added this information to the end of my messages ‘suggesting I Share this data together with my message. I had no intention to do so, and thus I did not act upon this ‘suggestion’ by clicking any buttons or otherwise taking any action. Also, since I do not trust facebook I decided to delete that part of the message. However, lo my surprise when after clicking send, the url and picture (which by the way had nothing to do with the company I work for) was STILL included???


And there you have it, the reason I do not use facebook. I value my personal integrity to the extent that I want to actively choose what I information I share with the world. But whenever I so much as hear the word ‘facebook’ mentioned I feel like someone is reaching into the bag under my desk, gleaning over every piece of personal information I might have on me, finding out I’m not at home, instantly zipping into my unwatched closet to spy on my secret collection of star wars figures, and finally, with a jolly ‘AHA!!’ turning this information into a blinking banner on my profile page… not to mention how much of my online presence it records and categorizes…



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