gura gura

Posted on: June 17, 2009

Yes. the rumours on the intertubes are correct! Last weekend I bought a guitar (acoustic)! This is something I have wanted to do for many many year, and no doubt it will take many many more before I learn to play it :P. Anyways, promise me you’ll be my albums when the day comes! Below is a picture of the wonder, and to you who doubt the sound and quality of Kitty, it’s actually a Fender :) (Made in china and all! True rock n roll!)




3 Responses to "gura gura"

I promise I will download your album from tpb =)

Du är en sjuk människa! :)


hahaha please you are more than welcome to do so! :)) I will send an email to Pirate Ponten and make sure he is aware of our arrangements.

Taaak :)) men erkann att du vill ha en me! (Finns i rosa me)

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