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I had heard of GTD (Getting Things Done) before, from meandering the web and sometimes from friends who would mention it in discussions on productivity and task organizing strategies. However, with my current job as a global product manager/coordinator, I realized a while back that I seriously needed to revise the way I organize and plan all the hundreds of tasks that I need to complete, track or delegate on a typical week.

I have tried all kinds of tricks and solutions, and for a long time I thought there would be some computer software that could help me or at least serve as external memory for notes and task lists. However, no matter what I tried I always, without fail, ended up with another text file filled with pointless stressed out half baked notes and tasks the meaning of which I could never guess form just reading their title.

‘Set meeting with Suzuki’

About what? When? To what goal??

Anyways, after starting to study GTD it all came to me so clearly. No software will ever be able to organize you unless you first organize your head and learn or develop a great offline methodology that your head can wrap it self around. Then, once you have that first step figured out, you can map that onto a piece of software that can speed up the process of implementing that methodology. (Sounds really simple, but to me that was a revelation…)

For me, that combination of methodology has turned out to be (at least until further notice ;) :

GTD (Getting things done), implemented in
Things for mac (and my iPad and iPhone)

I’m not going to try to get you sold on how nice Things is, find out for your self at the link below:


and get the Book:

On amazon

How do you organize your tasks and work items?



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