A quick round of introductions.

My name is Hk.

I spent 4 years studying Social Science, Cultural Studies and Media Production at the University of Linkoping in Sweden.

I then spent another 4 years teaching Hypermedia, Game studies and Mixed Media Art at the same university.

At the same time I worked as a programmer and project manager for the Virtual Reality studio within the university (NVIS), mostly developing more or less experimental social science visualization applications.

Not entirely satisfied with the working conditions within the academic world, and with a growing desire to explore my life long fascination with Japan, I decided to move to Tokyo in December 2004.

I spent 2005 studying Japanese at Kai Japanese School in Shin-Ookubu/Tokyo, but decided to quit and start looking for a job just before entering Level 5 of 8.

December 2005 I joined a medium sized development / consulting firm in Ebisu, Tokyo called Silicon Studio as a Software System Architect.

November 2008 I quit Silicon Studio and went to work for SGI (Silicon Graphics Inc.) in Tokyo. At SGI I did project management, development and business strategy planning, but only for about 6 months before I was approached with an offer to join a different firm here in Tokyo.

Thus, in May of 2009 I joined DeNA in Tokyo to lead the engineering work on a new type of user Avatars for their social network called Mobage. I spent my first 12 months leading the work on developing the rendering platform, content management system and APIs for DeNA’s 3D avatar system. In July 2010 I moved on to lead a new group with the mission of exploring strategic tie-ups with external partners. This marked a transition for me from engineering related work to more pure business development. As part of DeNA’s acquisition of ngmoco :) (a San Francisco based smart phone game studio) I was relocated to the US in May 2011.

However, my passion has always been in software and coding, and after spending almost 2 years doing business development the urge and abstinence proved to strong so I decided to go back to full time engineering instead.

Between March 2012 and June 2013 I lead the engineering teams at ngmoco (later DeNA West) responsible for the mobage platform SDKs (Android, iOS, Unity). The team was distributed across Europe, the US and Japan and my role was to prioritize and organize product requirements, the development road map as well as release cycles. It was incredibly interesting and challenging but I had a fantastic team of dedicated engineers around me. Life was good.

The next chapter of my story has brought me back to Sweden for an even more interesting challenge, which I in regular order will tell you all about at some point in the future.

My Main Interests include (in no particular order):

  • Love
  • Programming Languages
  • Software Factories
  • Computer Graphics
  • User Interfaces
  • Business Development
  • Innovation Strategies
  • Product Management
  • Operating Systems
  • Connected Systems
  • Network Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Development Methodologies
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Social Games
  • Social Networks
  • Social Science
  • Social Psychology
  • Politics
  • Pottery
  • Bamboo
  • Geography
  • Time
  • Space
  • Woodworking

I wholeheartedly believe that computers hold the power to save Humanity.

The jargon file defines the term Hash Bucket as follows:

hash bucket: n.A notional receptacle, a set of which might be used to apportion data items for sorting or lookup purposes. When you look up a name in the phone book (for example), you typically hash it by extracting its first letter; the hash buckets are the alphabetically ordered letter sections. This term is used as techspeak with respect to code that uses actual hash functions; in jargon, it is used for human associative memory as well. Thus, two things ‘in the same hash bucket’ are more difficult to discriminate, and may be confused. “If you hash English words only by length, you get too many common grammar words in the first couple of hash buckets.” Compare hash collision.http://catb.org/~esr/jargon/html/H/hash-bucket.html


10 Responses to "About"

When life bites you in the arse you tend to think back at passed moments. You were one of the things that came to my mind and I started wondering how my dear old friend is living out his life in Tokyo and if all his dreams ever fell in. I heard yuo got married. Heck, I even had to have a look at the photo just to be sure it was true. How’s married life?
Miss you.

Long time no see! Things in Tokyo are great! And married life rocks! hahaha But tell me one thing, where did you find a photo of it?? hahaha I didn’t know we were famous enough to make it into the gossip channels of Ireland ;)).

How are things at your end? Arse-biting and things, tell me more!

Finally got a working link for your blog again :)

hope that all is well and that you are preparing for San Fransisco 8/8/8 ;)

hahaha, it’s no secret or anything but yes, tracking people down online can be tricky! I am glad you found it though! Oh, and yes, I am preparing for SF 888 ;) I think it would be a real blast :)

Snygg blogg. Var har du fått tag på temat/layouten till den=

Temat heter Contempt. Det finns en lank allra langst ner pa denna (och alla andra) sidor som tar dig till skaparnas hemsida. Temat finns som standard i WordPress system, om du skapar en blogg pa wordpress.com kan du valja detta temat ;).

Okej, tack så mycket för hjälpen!

bibomedia. While your message is happy enough, I do believe you’re spam my friend…

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