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Posted on: August 23, 2009

This site is just full of amazing photos of life in the USSR, and of abandoned buildings, structures and places in Russia. Check it out, and don’t miss the links to other albums at the bottom of the page.



Two recent episodes:

1. When trying to log in for the first time in several months, I accidentally typed the wrong (but a valid) gmail address / password combination, upon which facebook saw it fit to create a new account for this email/password combination??? What the ??? I didn’t agree to any terms of license, I did not provide any personal details, yet facebook thought it appropriate to log in to the given gmail account and extract my birthdate, name and other personal information, and tie this to the newly created account??? This cannot possibly be legal…. Also, needless to say the aforementioned mail account is now being flooded with spam….

2. Just the other day I received a mail from a close friend I have not heard from in a long time. The message was sent through facebook to my real profile, and forwarded to the email address associated with that account. Since this was a message I wanted to reply to, I logged in and started writing a message. Half way through I typed the Url to the company I work for, and facebook automatically grabs the title of the index page from that url and attaches it, together with the first image that matches those keywords in its database. Or rather, facebook added this information to the end of my messages ‘suggesting I Share this data together with my message. I had no intention to do so, and thus I did not act upon this ‘suggestion’ by clicking any buttons or otherwise taking any action. Also, since I do not trust facebook I decided to delete that part of the message. However, lo my surprise when after clicking send, the url and picture (which by the way had nothing to do with the company I work for) was STILL included???


And there you have it, the reason I do not use facebook. I value my personal integrity to the extent that I want to actively choose what I information I share with the world. But whenever I so much as hear the word ‘facebook’ mentioned I feel like someone is reaching into the bag under my desk, gleaning over every piece of personal information I might have on me, finding out I’m not at home, instantly zipping into my unwatched closet to spy on my secret collection of star wars figures, and finally, with a jolly ‘AHA!!’ turning this information into a blinking banner on my profile page… not to mention how much of my online presence it records and categorizes…



Posted on: June 27, 2008

No connection what so ever?

US court overturns DC handgun ban

“Since 1976, the private possession of handguns had been prohibited in the nation’s capital, while rifles and shotguns had been required to be locked away or dismantled.

The DC city council argued that the ban was needed to help keep violence and murder rates down.

But the measure was challenged by a security guard, Dick Heller.

He argued that if he was allowed to have a handgun at work, he also had a constitutional right to have one at home.”


Love the logic of this man’s reasoning. “If I’m allowed to do it at work, I can bloody well do it at home!”- kind of attitude! So humorous and yet so sad…

US factory worker in gun rampage

“A man who opened fire on colleagues at a plastics factory in Kentucky warned his girlfriend two hours before that he would kill his boss, police said.”


No need to comment on this particular event except that this too is very sad…

Florida lawmakers pass “take your guns to work” law

“The second thing they wrote about in that constitution was the right to bear arms,” said Sen. Durell Peaden, a Republican from Crestview, Florida. “It was what was dear in their hearts.”


Here’s another great thinker of our times! But of course Senator, what was dear in their hearts was GUNS! Nothing more important than guns…


I also recommend reading the comments on Justin Webb’s blog, in response to his post on the above DC ruling:


Reading the BBC news site today I came across this funny little passage:

Reebok, which is owned by Adidas and is outfitting 250 Games participants, has decided against making its athletes available for press conferences or one-on-one interviews during the event.

Instead, it plans to use a video news service to interview athletes and distribute content to media organisations.

“As a brand, we didn’t want to put our athletes in the position when being interviewed or having to explain their personal views on the human rights issue, and we also didn’t want to act as a censor either,” explains Josie Stevens, Reebok director of global public relations.


How is this not being a censor? I’m perplexed…

Watching the news coming in from India I just have to comment on this… It was never, and it still isn’t my intention to turn this blog into a political arena, but this is just too … absurd.

So here’s the situation. (My interpretation…)

We’re gonna jog around a bunch of cities in the world carrying a flame, that is supposedly kept alive all the way but that is obviously put out must of the time while traveling from city to city. In order to keep it peaceful and safe from disturbing elements that represent political views other than the ones that promote the commercial interests of this glorious event, we’ll keep most of the rout secret. Also, it will be surrounded by hundreds of commando soldiers and police men. This means you wont be able to see much of it, and even when it does happen to pass close by, we’ll recommend you turn around and look the other way.

BUT, make no mistake, this flame carry the hope of peace and prosperity for all of mankind. This is for your sake and it is a peoples event of joy and festivity…


and I used to enjoy watching the Olympic games on tv…

Very creative interpretation of the word peaceful …

Some 15,000 police and commandos have locked down the heart of the city where the torch relay will be held.

A least 50 Tibetans were detained by police at a rally in front of the Chinese embassy in Delhi on Wednesday.

The torch was then driven along a route into the city lined with hundreds of police.

The authorities have closed many main roads in central Delhi in the run-up to the ceremony, creating huge traffic jams.

Police have ordered workers in government offices overlooking the route of the torch not to look out of their windows to witness the ceremony because of the perceived security threat.

Police patrols have been issued with blankets and fire extinguishers to prevent protesters from setting themselves on fire.

“We have taken every precaution to ensure the event remains peaceful,” Junior Home Minister Shakeel Ahmed told reporters.


How is the above described scenario, in any possible interpretation of the term, peaceful?

Running around with this little torch sure is starting to seem costly to me…


Posted on: April 2, 2008

Antar att jag haller pa att bli gammal eller ngt… Men en aldersgrans pa 13 for att sitta pa kafe och lira till 9 pa morgonen? Ar detta nagot som de flesta 13 aringar tar for given ratt idag eller ar det (som jag vill tro) ovanligt?

– Då vänder alla på dygnet eftersom man ska inte upp dagen efter. Sedan brukar de ha öppet vissa nätter och då det är fullt med folk här inne som spelar ända till klockan nio på morgonen. Men då har de en åldersgräns på 13 år. 


Pa nagot satt later det sa frammande fran hur jag mins mig sjalv som 13 aring… Eller vad mina paron tillat..


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