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I just have to share this! I do not watch that much anime lately, there just isn’t enough time, and I guess having watched a lot you just tend to get picky.

Anyways, today I happened to stumble upon a little gem called Kamichu (かみちゅor神中). It’s a soft spoken, slow and easy show about a junior high school girl who one day discovers that she’s become a god (literally). But since being a god, and indeed the very nature and meaning of the word god is very different from what we are used to in the Christian part of the west, it does not actually have that much of an impact on her daily life.

As the story progresses her (and the viewer’s) understanding of the gods of Japan and Japanese Shinto deepens, and while she struggles to confess her love to a fellow student, and becomes the commercial hope of a local bankrupt shrine, we get a particularly detailed and accurate picture painted of many of the local traditions and shrines around Hiroshima prefecture where the series takes place.

The story is set in 1983-1984, which of course only makes it better!


From Mainichi Daily: (pictures after the link)

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first broadcast of the “Mobile Suit Gundam” animated television series, an 18-meter-tall, “full scale” Gundam statue is currently being built at Shiokaze Park in Tokyo’s Odaiba.


I have to go and see this!

check out this page for the finished version:

Posted on: January 23, 2008

Whenever it snows in Tokyo I am instantly reminded of the movie Patlabor 2…


Lately, me and S are watching an animation caller ‘His and her circumstances’, or something along those lines. The Japanese title is “彼氏と彼女の事情”. I’ve watched this animation before and I really liked the timing and the pace of the story, as well as some of the pretty rare (odd?) storytelling techniques used.

Basically the story revolves around the classic voes of young love, and how two people get to know their true selves through the their reflection in the other. The unfolding of events as well as the flow of the story might not offer that much new-and-exciting, but the way the story is told and the imagery is put together in such an extraordinarily and beautiful way that the show becomes more like meditation than entertainment….

Another animation that I highly recommend.


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