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So, after 4 very, very hectic days Mix08 is over. It’s been 4 days filled with interesting conversations and meetings, and I am very glad that I came for the third year in a row.

This year I did not have time to see that many sessions, and so I was very happy to see how fast the session videos came online. For those of you who could not attend, here’s your chance to soak up some of the content! Check them out at http://sessions.visitmix.com .

I’ll be leaving Las Vegas 8am tomorrow morning, and I just realized that tonight the Americans set their clocks forward one hour, switching to summertime. That could have ended in some interesting misunderstandings at the airport…

Anyways, need to get some rest before starting the long trip back to Tokyo.



Posted on: March 7, 2008

Currently suffering from a slight information overload here at the Mix Conference. There is just so much good stuff being presented here that it’s really hard to take it all in and process. I’m not gonna try to even list the stuff, there are plenty of blogs around that do that already.

As far as online development goes (btw, Steve Ballmer just performed another monkey dance live here, this time shouting out to the web developers…), and I mean any kind of online application/service development, Mix is just a really great place to catch up on where things are headed. While the conference is a Microsoft event,and naturally a lot of the sessions are MS technology centric, the attendees come from all sorts of platforms and backgrounds, and just tapping into all the discussions going on here really gives you huge amount of invaluable information.

As I said though, I think I might have gotten a slight overload so for the next 10 minutes I’m gonna close my eyes and listen to some spanish online radio…

There’s something nice about walking through the great check in hall at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, stepping up to the Invited Guests desk, showing your passport and here the person on the other side saying ‘Welcome back, Mr. J’. We’ve been expecting you.

Not that I’m such a regular visitor to neither Vegas nor the Venetian in particular, but since this is my third time at Mix, I assume their database records of previous guests picked me up. Nice conference start…

Actually the conference doesn’t start until tomorrow, but I had some appointments set up for the day before the event so i decided to come here a bit early. Every year at Mix, the people attending by invitation from Microsoft Japan gets together for a Japanese group dinner sort of thing. A relaxed little social gathering where the usual suspects gather to catch up on what’s happening in .Net development in Japan. I was very happy to see that this year the group had grown, meaning hopefully that the number of devs working with .Net (in particular 3.0/3.5) and Silverlight is growing too.

Other things worth noting, I did get a chance to discuss blue hair and table saws with Adam, age with Laurence and social experiments with Gilber.

Looking forward to tomorrow. :)

But it seems


Let’s meet up!

Currently sitting on the floor (as any true conference goer) stealing some electricity from the Tokyo International Forum to write this post. I am attending the ReMix Event in Tokyo, hosted by Microsoft to show of and discuss their web platform offerings (that would be Silverlight, Asp.Net and so on). Basically you have the main Mix conference held in Las Vegas every year, and for those that can’t make it there are local ReMix event held at various locations around the world.

When I visited the first Mix event in Las Vegas last year I was very positively impressed by the breadth and depth of the presenters, coming from all kinds of backgrounds, technologies and fields. Also I was very happy to find that many of the presenters actually offered a critical view on the Ms platforms, something that I believe is very important whether you are a fan of Microsoft or not.

This years conference (the one in vegas that is) however was considerably more Microsoft centered with most (that’s almost all) of the presenters being either Microsoft employees or partners. Still the atmosphere was good and the event offered a lot of fun and social aspects that I truly believe is an important ingredient in building a useful conference experience.

So what about the ReMix Tokyo event. Well, while Japan may be a huge market with a very technology savvy population, the number of ISV’s and developers that have picked up on Microsoft’s technologies are disproportionately few. I dare not offer you an explanation as to why this is, but my guess is that Japanese developers have for a very long time been mostly oriented towards open source solutions and technology bases.

Anyways, Mix is fun, ReMix too, if your in Tokyo and have some time to spare, hurry down to Yurakuchou and you can stil catch some of the presentations :).


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