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Everyone should have them!!


I am seriously considering getting one of those for my next desktop machine. Apart from being very convenient and cheap, they also seem to solve many of the contained heat problems associated with ordinary towers in the mid price range. … Ok all excuses aside, they just look really really cool. And they are really really cheap. That’s good enough. The only thing that worries me is the potential noise and dust that might gather on the components. This is a workspace though and a handy can of compressed air should at least take care of the dust. Noise however could be a more serious problem. I am planning a SLI GTX295 solution so there might be considerable levels of it…

Acrylic Cowboy (actual name)

Acrylic Cowboy (actual name)

Read more about it here (Japanese only)


And here



Posted on: February 17, 2009

Check out the winners of the 2009 Skyscraper competition at Evolvo!

This is just … beautiful! I really wish, if nothing else just for the sake of art, that all of these structures are built during my lifetime!


is the name of my good friend Ander’s project that he is running out of Copenhagen, Denmark (and sometimes Tokyo, Japan as well). The project revolves around design in various fields such as web, print, fashion and so on. You should definitely check out his site at


I’m sure you’ll like what you see! Also don’t miss the fashion collections over at http://www.1206.dk/collections/goodlock/ which showcase some of Ander’s incredible talent!


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