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Everyone get your crowbars ready! No seriously….




Posted on: May 16, 2009

I was seeing some rather high temperatures on the CPU so I decided to get a new fan. After doing some research I ended up (as always) at zalman’s page, where this little beauty caught my eye:



Not only does it look awesome, it is really really cool. The CPU temp dropped instantly by ~25 degrees compared to the standard out-of-the-box cooler. It was a little bit pricey, but both me and S have burned out machines before using insufficient cooling, so we both agreed that it would be worth it.

It was a pain to install, but now it’s mounted and spinning happily.

The Rig (now even cooler)

The Rig (now even cooler)

Also, did I mention it glows :)

Everyone should have them!!

I am seriously considering getting one of those for my next desktop machine. Apart from being very convenient and cheap, they also seem to solve many of the contained heat problems associated with ordinary towers in the mid price range. … Ok all excuses aside, they just look really really cool. And they are really really cheap. That’s good enough. The only thing that worries me is the potential noise and dust that might gather on the components. This is a workspace though and a handy can of compressed air should at least take care of the dust. Noise however could be a more serious problem. I am planning a SLI GTX295 solution so there might be considerable levels of it…

Acrylic Cowboy (actual name)

Acrylic Cowboy (actual name)

Read more about it here (Japanese only)


And here


TSUKUBA, Japan – A robotic suit that reads brain signals and helps people with mobility problems will be available to rent in Japan for $2,200 a month starting Friday – an invention that may have far-reaching benefits for the disabled and elderly.

Not only is the product super cool in so many respects, but the name of the company??? Cyberdyne??? When is Skynet coming online??


In case you do not remember Cyberdyne:


I wonder if Mr. Dyson is on their payroll…

hoooo the jokes wont stop…

Not to be negative in any way, but figuring out what’s good about it is not so hard. Here’s the problem. I’m considering getting one for S, but before getting seduced by its great looks I figured I’d turn the table and ask myself why I should NOT get one… Any obvious pitfalls? The lack of optical drive is not a problem since neither I nor she ever uses it anyway. The hard disk is spinning at 4200 rpm. Not so fast but the solid-state alternative is too expensive, and for a notebook 4200 is acceptable I guess… Anything else that springs to mind?

So Microsoft is partnering up to deliver the ‘next generation shopping experience’ throughout malls, supermarkets and grocery stores in America, through the amazing MediaCart. It’s futuristic and fun and will of course lend it self to all kinds of free-shopping-hacks. It seems the basic functionality will be to provide a sort of in-store gps navigation to find items and manage the sum of your shopping, while, no surprise, delivering target ads based on previous shopping patterns. The operator (shopper) locates the item he/she wants to buy, scans its bar-code with the on-board scanner and places it in the cart. When leaving the store, the sum of the scanned items is transferred to the register and the shopper pays the amount due.

I love the futurism of it but the whole ad-thingy is as always scary… also I can’t help but wonder what prevents the user from NOT scanning an item and just placing it in the cart as he/she shops away. If you look through the cheesy marketing video on the link below, I bet that’s where that smug smile is coming from at 04:35… “I stuck in an extra six-pack and you will neeeever find out, muhahahaha”…

Me being negative?



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