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A good idea?

Posted on: May 28, 2010

I really wish someone would release a remake of Grim Fandango for the iPhone/Android. Maybe even porting the GrimE engine to these platforms! If I remember right, Manny was about 250 polygons, most of the backdrops where pre-rendered. Taken together with the polygon count of the rest of the scenery it shouldn’t be too much to handle for a modern smart phone.

If remaking Grim Fandango doesn’t appeal, maybe a follow-up/alternative storyline set in Rubacava or something similar would have greater appeal?

Anyways, I’m sure I’m not the only one longing for a chance to relive the dark and moody open-mic nights at The Blue Casket!

The Blue Casket


Do I fondly remember the summer evenings spent hanging out on the beach with the gang, or playing football on the fresh, dewy green grass on clear spring mornings? Nope! Because that never happened!

But I DO remember Gods, and how mega-cool the intro music was!



Posted on: August 25, 2008

Idag nar jag knallade in i lunchrummet for att klippa en kopp kaffe visade det sig att kaffeautomaten forvandlats till en gillestuga-tidsmaskin. Vid samtliga bord i lunchrummet satt motarbetare i sma grupper, gestikulerade och skrattade, samt agnade sig at det dar magiska tidsfordrivet som jag och sakert manga med mig mins fran barndomen… Uno…

Jag gnuggade mig i ogonen for att raskt skaka av mig denna markliga hallucination, nar en kack rost plotsligt utropade, “Oi! Ska du inte vara med pa ett parti??”. Tacksamt svarade jag “Visst!” och tankte att nar man ar trott och lite utarbetad kan det val aldrig finnas anledning att saga nej till ett parti Uno, hallucination eller inte….



(En gang nar jag var liten sorterade jag varan Uno-lek efter farg… da blev min syster heligt forbannad…)

Halo 3

Posted on: September 29, 2007

So through a fortunate coincidence Halo 3 was released during my visit to Microsoft in Redmond. Thus I had a chance to play through the first few hours of the game. How does it hold up? Well, the game play is very very good, the character control is amazing and the environments are astonishing.

However, as the story line goes, I have to give it up to Half-Life 2, as in my opinion it still holds up better than Halo 3. I must admit I haven’t finished either so I expect to be flamed for not knowing what I am talking about, but as DN points out
the single player campaign in Halo 3 is only 7 hours long, and I do believe I played through the first 5.

Anyways, Half-Life’s story line may be thin as onion skin, but the way the story unfolds in the Half-Life universe is still a greater experience in my opinion. On Halo’s part I’d give it sugar and love for the game play, weapons/difficulty balance and character control.

I would also, based on watching my friends (some of who are great fans of the series) playing the game, say that if you are a fan of the Halo chronicle, I am sure you will love this last chapter. It is faster, more intense, more beautiful and even better balanced than the previous ones. It is, in my opinion, without the doubt the greatest console FPS experience ever.

Way to go Bungie!

as the old statement reads in Murder on the Mississippi (c64 Adventure game released in 1986).

Yesterday I was feeling a little bit odd and my head just wouldn’t focus on my tasks at hand. I though maybe I was just tired, but when I got back home S suggested I check my temperature, and it turns out I had a high fever. So today I am staying home taking it easy and trying not to get to caught up in work ;).

Now what better way to distract oneself than through some computer gaming I thought to myself, and starting searching the web for some free downloads. While doing this I drifted in to the realm of abandon ware (essentially games that are so old that no one cares anymore if you copy them around).

I have always been a fan of adventure games, and by that I mean real adventure games that feature a box of verbs at the bottom of the screen and where it is virtually impossible to get killed. Ever since I first started using computers I have always been hooked on these games with their wonderful ability to engulf the player in virtual settings. I guess to me in many senses it is much like reading a good novel, though a bit more interactive, challenging and frustrating from time to time.

Anyways, many times since the demise of the Amiga platform I have cursed the modern game development companies and Mr. Carmack (even though yes, I know he does a lot of good things in the open source sense…) for the death of this game genre. Mostly because I believe I have played through most of the major adventure games ever put out there, and while they are great the first time, the very game-play model doesn’t lend it self to replays (except for Cruise for a Corpse which might just be the best game ever produced…). So the lack of new titles puts me in the rust so to speak.

Still, there is one game that I never managed to get my hands on back in the days when you could spend afternoon by afternoon just playing; “The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Serrated Scalpel”.

Released in 1992 by Electronic Arts (Developed by Mythos Inc.), I think one of the reasons I never got to play it was because this was just about the time when Commodore was about to go down, and those were tumultuous times for most of us… (naturally I didn’t own a PC at the time…) I remember though, reading in DMZ (Besvarjaren Besvarar) about the various problems and riddles in the game, and thinking to myself “I have GOT to get this game…”. Never happened…

Until today! I downloaded DosBox and the abondonware PC image of the game, set it all up and dove in.

So here I am, sun flowing in through the living room window, drinking cider and eating potato chips while playing the one game I have been yearning for for almost 15 years… and I almost feel like I am 14 again ;)

The world would be a better place if there were more adventure games out there… Just imagine what they could look like with todays graphics…

“Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot!”


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