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It’s been quiet here for so long… When I look back at the posts, the fact that just the first page covers as much as 7 years is truly… humbling.

I was thinking about writing a post about the events of the past 7 years, but seriously who really wants to read about that? :) Better to look ahead.

I’ve just built a new gaming rig for the family, my first PC build in over 8 years. This woke again in me the desire to code more, and I’ve been dipping my toes back in .net over the past month or so. With that, I’ve decided to get serious (within hobby limits) about building out a tool to help S monitor her sickness and flares. Who knows, maybe it will turn into something I can release to a wider audience in the future…

For now, that’s it.



Posted on: March 12, 2012

Guess I got so busy getting things done that I forgot about this place…

Do I fondly remember the summer evenings spent hanging out on the beach with the gang, or playing football on the fresh, dewy green grass on clear spring mornings? Nope! Because that never happened!

But I DO remember Gods, and how mega-cool the intro music was!





ひとつ。 タスク(自分と指示しているメンバーも含めて)の進捗+優先度の再確認
ふたつ。 スケジュールの見直し
みつ。  切り捨てられる作業をどんどん削って
よつ。  メンバーがやっている作業とのかぶりがないかを確認
いつつ。  もう一度デリゲート出来るタスクを洗い出す





gura gura

Posted on: June 17, 2009

Yes. the rumours on the intertubes are correct! Last weekend I bought a guitar (acoustic)! This is something I have wanted to do for many many year, and no doubt it will take many many more before I learn to play it :P. Anyways, promise me you’ll be my albums when the day comes! Below is a picture of the wonder, and to you who doubt the sound and quality of Kitty, it’s actually a Fender :) (Made in china and all! True rock n roll!)



After listening once to Milord by Edith Piaf, she suddenly humms the refrain… … ??


Posted on: October 31, 2008


Last day at work… this work that is…

here comes the wave…

time to get the shrimp-sandwich ready….


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