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I’ve been trying all the tricks (and old passwords I can think of) to gain access to my original gmail account, but nothing seems to work. If you know of any method (even if there’s a cost) please share. Would love to recover some old memories and files…

I have no access to the recovery email.


A good idea?

Posted on: May 28, 2010

I really wish someone would release a remake of Grim Fandango for the iPhone/Android. Maybe even porting the GrimE engine to these platforms! If I remember right, Manny was about 250 polygons, most of the backdrops where pre-rendered. Taken together with the polygon count of the rest of the scenery it shouldn’t be too much to handle for a modern smart phone.

If remaking Grim Fandango doesn’t appeal, maybe a follow-up/alternative storyline set in Rubacava or something similar would have greater appeal?

Anyways, I’m sure I’m not the only one longing for a chance to relive the dark and moody open-mic nights at The Blue Casket!

The Blue Casket

must have

Posted on: August 3, 2009

I am sooo getting an iPhone. I have finally found the app to motivate me!

Pocket Arnold Review

I just wish it was my app….


Posted on: July 29, 2009

Most of it may be old, but it was very nice reading it in this form.


[Secrets of the Little Blue Box]

Really makes you wonder what all these people are up to today, and how much damage this article did to their scene….

TSUKUBA, Japan – A robotic suit that reads brain signals and helps people with mobility problems will be available to rent in Japan for $2,200 a month starting Friday – an invention that may have far-reaching benefits for the disabled and elderly.

Not only is the product super cool in so many respects, but the name of the company??? Cyberdyne??? When is Skynet coming online??


In case you do not remember Cyberdyne:


I wonder if Mr. Dyson is on their payroll…

hoooo the jokes wont stop…


Posted on: August 25, 2008

Idag nar jag knallade in i lunchrummet for att klippa en kopp kaffe visade det sig att kaffeautomaten forvandlats till en gillestuga-tidsmaskin. Vid samtliga bord i lunchrummet satt motarbetare i sma grupper, gestikulerade och skrattade, samt agnade sig at det dar magiska tidsfordrivet som jag och sakert manga med mig mins fran barndomen… Uno…

Jag gnuggade mig i ogonen for att raskt skaka av mig denna markliga hallucination, nar en kack rost plotsligt utropade, “Oi! Ska du inte vara med pa ett parti??”. Tacksamt svarade jag “Visst!” och tankte att nar man ar trott och lite utarbetad kan det val aldrig finnas anledning att saga nej till ett parti Uno, hallucination eller inte….



(En gang nar jag var liten sorterade jag varan Uno-lek efter farg… da blev min syster heligt forbannad…)

so good

Posted on: August 4, 2008

This is so good.. For the first time (that I can remember) in eleven years I am burning the midnight oil to Kraftwerk’s Neon Lights… Last time was at Spetsen, writing a report as a first year student in Nkpg…

Daniel, you might remember some of those nights.. ;)

It’s the hard-nock life… hahaha


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