In Short:

Name: Henrik K Johansson
Age: 38
Current Location: Sweden, Tokyo, San Francisco, Stockholm

Personal Goals:

Profesional Goals:

To marry great technology with humanistic qualities and turn computer power into human power.

My great passion has always been to exist in the borderland where Product Design, Engineering and Business Development meet. I believe that in the business of Computer Software (be it discreet or service oriented), to build and manage truly successful products you must have a true and current understanding of the technology as well as what makes a good product with a sound market fit. Therefor, my goal is to continue to build those three skills (Product Design /Management, Engineering and Business Development) in parallell.

I seek out challenges that allow me to lead holistically the entire product cycle, from design through implementation and onwards.

Human Languages (native):

Swedish, English, Japanese

Computer Languages:

C / C++ / C# / Objective-C

Software Environments and IDEs:

Visual Studio, XCode


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This blog has no clear focus. It has a focus though, it's just not very clear at the moment...

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